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Knowing Who Loves You

I love it when God gives you one of those brief moments of clarity. Of what it really feels like to be loved. Sometimes, we have to go through our days reminding ourselves of God's truths in the Bible. Forcing our logic to overcome our feelings. But occasionally, we'll have those moments where what we… Continue reading Knowing Who Loves You

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To the Unassuming Superheroes

This week fellow author Melissa Tagg shared some wonderful news about her brother-in-law and nephew, Chip and Ollie Reece. Chip, dad to Ollie, wrote a book for his son with Down syndrome about a super hero with…you guessed it, Down syndrome. Evidently, Ollie LOVES superheroes and I bet Ollie already knows he’s living with one… Continue reading To the Unassuming Superheroes

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Magic Eraser and the Desperate Leper

As a parent, I’m sure you can commiserate with me. Permanent marker is not a 3 year old’s friend, and especially not a mother’s. In less time than in takes for my seventy pound dog to eat his breakfast, a 3 year old can make quick artwork on any item within a home. Permanent. If… Continue reading Magic Eraser and the Desperate Leper

God's grace

Worry, Autism, and God’s Big Plan

Some of you may know that by day I am a speech-language pathologist with a specialty in Autism, but to be perfectly honest, most days the kids I serve teach me much more than I think I teach them. Their perspectives, strengths, and needs bring a fresh look into a world that can become to… Continue reading Worry, Autism, and God’s Big Plan

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Being Brave – 2017

My six and seven year old were having a conversation that went like this: “You won’t believe what I did?” The seven year old leaned close to his sister, his blue eyes as wide as a monster-truck wheel. His six year old sister caught the flare of excitement from him. “What?” “I touched my eyeball. […]

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A Wounded Head…But a Healthy Heart

So, did that title snag your attention? Well, the combination of those two things have certainly snagged mine this week. For anyone who knows my brother, you will agree that he is an energetic, kind, sometimes silly, but super sweet kind of guy. He's ready to give a helping hand, a big hug, a funny… Continue reading A Wounded Head…But a Healthy Heart

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Cover Reveal…and massive celebrating

Just the Way You Are is the book equivalent of my FAVORITE dessert!

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A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

Of one thing I am certain, Laura Frantz's writing holds as spellbinding a quality as the stories she weaves with such intricate detail. A Moonbow Night is no different. Steeping in imagery thick with the mountains and hollows of frontier Appalachia, Laura introduces us, not only to riveting characters as alive to history as the famous… Continue reading A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

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Overwhelmed by Reader’s Responses!

It's true. The past two days I've been on the verge of tears from the absolutely BEAUTIFUL reviews that have come in about The Thorn Healer. Why? Well, because this story has been the hardest one to write to date (just as Julie Gwinn or Carrie Schmidt). Writing the hero wasn't difficult, but 'finding' my… Continue reading Overwhelmed by Reader’s Responses!

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In Pieces

It's Christmas! So, of course, my family is enjoying the process of pulling out ornaments we've collected through the years and safeguarded for posterity's sake 🙂 These are special treasures of time - a preschool craft, a specially designed momento, a uniquely-perfect gift. So....it is ironic that just this morning one of my favorite ornaments… Continue reading In Pieces