Faith is…Putting Your Boots On

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My family and I are big fans of The Chronicles of Narnia. The book series is a powerful set of stories with one bigger theme from the first book to the last, but there’s something extra-magical about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We are introduced to the Pevensies and Tumnus, the story of Narnia, The White Witch, and, of course, Aslan.

tom-skarbek-wazynski-226342-unsplash (1).jpgWhen the movie adaptation of this book came out, my family was excited and a wee bit skeptical. Would the movie-makers be able to capture the magic in C.S. Lewis’s classic? So many times, movies just don’t match the novels as clear representations.

Well, I feel this first installment of the beloved series was well-done, even capturing a few things the books didn’t show, such as Peter’s protective nature toward his sisters, particularly Lucy. That was so SWEET!!

Tilda Swinson was BOSS as the White Witch and I think all four of the Pevensie kids were fabulous. AND how can you go wrong with using Lian Neeson’s voice for Aslan? Really? 😊

While watching it again last night with my kids, there is a teeny tiny moment in the movie that always hits me with such power. Don’t get me wrong, there are sooooo many amazing moments that I love in that movie, but this specific one stood out to me last night.


After Lucy has already gone to Narnia once, and no one believes her, she wakes up in the middle of the night. She swings her legs around the side of the bed and there are two pairs of shoes there, her slippers and some wellies/boots.

She doesn’t even hesitate in her choice. She chooses the boots.

What does that say about Lucy? She’s certain that Narnia is so real and it’s going to be there for her again, that she doesn’t even think about slippers. She needs her boots for the snow of Narnia. Even when they checked the wardrobe earlier and only saw the back of a wooden container filled with coats, Lucy believes in something she hasn’t seen – that Narnia will be there THIS time.



Certain of what we cannot see.

There are lots of things we ‘see’ in this world which could really shatter our hope, but faith sees through the spiritual lens of God’s Word.

We haven’t seen God’s plans for our future.

We haven’t glimpsed Heaven.

Faith isn’t wishful thinking – it’s a spiritual change of perspective based on a real act of God..pngWe haven’t fully experienced the complete redemption of our souls.

But…we put on our boots because we believe God’s promises.

Faith isn’t wishful thinking – it’s a spiritual change of perspective based on a real act of God.

We once were blind but now we SEE what hope really looks like.

Life is hard.

Don’t forget to put your boots on 😊

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  1. 1bgpayne

    Love this post!

  2. Rebecca Maney

    I love this! As many times as I have watched that movie, that detail never popped out.


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