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Your Days Are Numbered

Your days are numbered. Did you know that? As in: 1 45 16,782 Numbered. And not ONE of them is worthless or unimportant. Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Whoa. So, how do we number our days? Well, the first few verses in that chapter… Continue reading Your Days Are Numbered

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World Building

Building a world for your story isn't always filled with spacecraft and foreign planets. I love creating the place where my characters can thrive, grow, love, and heal. What storyworld do YOU like to get lost in? Original Post published 8/19/2015  Currently, I've been reading about creating a 'story world' and what's involved in the… Continue reading World Building

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Cover Reveal and Giveway – Jane by the Book

About the Book Four years ago, Jane Warwick escaped the shame and heartbreak of being jilted at the altar by becoming a housekeeper at the secluded Inn at Simeon Ridge. Predictable and quiet, the inn helps Jane find a place to heal and celebrates her strengths, where she is promoted to head housekeeper. But an… Continue reading Cover Reveal and Giveway – Jane by the Book

England, God's grace

The Big Picture of God’s Story & Giveaway

In the beginning was… The story It’s true. If you start with Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) history, “Genesis” even means ‘an origin, creation, or beginning’. The Genesis of God’s story was creation. But we can really sum up the entire Bible into one sentence. What is the Bible about? God rescuing His people. A… Continue reading The Big Picture of God’s Story & Giveaway

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Book Journeys – London

In anticipation of my upcoming release, Just the Way You Are, I'm going to take you on my characters' journeys through different settings in the book. Our first stop is London…. My heroine, Eisley Barrett, arrives in Heathrow International Airport and is swept off her homicidal heels by the suspicious, reformed rogue, Wes Harrison. Her… Continue reading Book Journeys – London

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Book Journeys – Bath UK Part 2

On March 6, my first novella is released in a fun compilation entitled Love at First Laugh. Seriously, people, it's 8 stories, to tickle your funny bones and tie up your heartstrings, for only .99!! WOW! You certainly want to purchase those now. Right here 🙂 But in the celebration of my novella, Second Impressions, I've… Continue reading Book Journeys – Bath UK Part 2

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Book Journeys – Bath, UK #1

My upcoming novella, Second Impressions, which is released in a fun compilation called Love at First Laugh, takes place in the beautiful city of Bath, UK during the Jane Austen Festival.   A few things of note: Bath is a beautiful city. There's lots more to see than just what is in the city. The spirit of Jane… Continue reading Book Journeys – Bath, UK #1

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Cover Reveal…and massive celebrating

Just the Way You Are is the book equivalent of my FAVORITE dessert!

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Creating a Word…Shakespeare-style

You know what happens when you leave a creative mind in a car alone for too long? Crazy stuff. Like....creating a word that holds the essence of your brand! YES! Historic note: It is theorized that playwright William Shakespeare first cited from over 200 to 1500 words! Whether he was the inventor of them or… Continue reading Creating a Word…Shakespeare-style

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uk2k16 -Edinburgh 1

To continue with my love for England, I'm going to take you on our quick trip to Edinburgh.Oh my, this might have been our favorite part of our recent trip. I plan to take some time in the future to talk about other England adventures, but Edinburgh was amazing - a city that didn't feel… Continue reading uk2k16 -Edinburgh 1