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Emerging from the Fog on Mother’s Day

It's been quite the journey over the past two months, hasn't it? I sit here after a Mother's Day lunch with my family and think about the shifts and changes and hardships that have happened in my family, community, and the whole world.  I don't know what specific things you've struggled with - if your… Continue reading Emerging from the Fog on Mother’s Day

God's grace, Mom Devotionals

Kisses & Band-Aids

I’m determined to believe there is something magical about ‘Mommy kisses’ and ‘band-aids’. They are like small, daily miracles God gives moms to make the little traumas of life a bit easier to bear. It’s an amazing thing to watch a crying child with a ‘boo boo’ suddenly smile after one brief kiss to the… Continue reading Kisses & Band-Aids

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Magic Eraser and the Desperate Leper

As a parent, I’m sure you can commiserate with me. Permanent marker is not a 3 year old’s friend, and especially not a mother’s. In less time than in takes for my seventy pound dog to eat his breakfast, a 3 year old can make quick artwork on any item within a home. Permanent. If… Continue reading Magic Eraser and the Desperate Leper

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In Pieces

It's Christmas! So, of course, my family is enjoying the process of pulling out ornaments we've collected through the years and safeguarded for posterity's sake 🙂 These are special treasures of time - a preschool craft, a specially designed momento, a uniquely-perfect gift. So....it is ironic that just this morning one of my favorite ornaments… Continue reading In Pieces

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Stirring a Child’s Dream to Life

Words are powerful things - and words forged into encouragement produce remarkable results. I think that's why I've always wanted to provide positive influences into my kids lives through words. I'm not saying that we don't have hard conversations, that I don't lose my temper, or that I fail to use 'no' or 'wrong' in… Continue reading Stirring a Child’s Dream to Life

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Fairytales, Faith, and the Wonder of a Child

One of my favorite quotes by author C.S. Lewis is “some day you will be old enough to read fairytales again” because I think it encompasses a gallon of truth in its simplicity. When we’re young, there is a genuineness to us. Our focus is intense and raw. Our faith pure and powerful. Our dreams… Continue reading Fairytales, Faith, and the Wonder of a Child

God's grace, Mom Devotionals

I Once Was Blind But Now I See

Oh I love how the Bible is one BIG story with lots of little stories inside. It’s kind of like a ‘picture’ of our lives. One BIG life with lots of little stories sprinkled throughout. A compilation, I guess 🙂 Let's look at the Man Born Blind story in John 9 – but SOOOO many things… Continue reading I Once Was Blind But Now I See

God's grace, Mom Devotionals

Frozen….and the Beauty of Self-Sacrifice

I will admit it. I’m getting a little tired of watching Frozen. It’s not because the movie isn’t cute, or the characters aren’t adorable, or the music isn’t….catchy. In fact, it’s a little TOO catchy. After having two daughters who are borderline obsessed with it, I feel like I know the characters and the songs… Continue reading Frozen….and the Beauty of Self-Sacrifice

God's grace, Mom Devotionals

Magic in the Real World

People like C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss and so many others have a very special mind-set. They still 'see' the world from the magical perspective of a child. And the world is still filled with magic. I stand amazed on a daily basis at the wonder of simple magic and the grandeur… Continue reading Magic in the Real World

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The Grand Canyon and a GREAT LOVE

I've never been to the Grand Canyon but I really want to go some day. From all accounts I've heard or read, it's pretty breath-taking. Here are a few: "the most stunning sight in the world",  "nothing prepared me for it", "unbelievable", "unforgettable", "awestruck", "spectacular", "words can't really do it justice", "Everyone takes something away… Continue reading The Grand Canyon and a GREAT LOVE