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When All the “Stuff” is Happening

So... 2020? Anyone else feel the weird sensation of emotional whiplash? It's like we've spent the last four months dancing on a bed of anxiety coals on the edge of a cliff. Hearts are breaking. Folks are grieving. Voices are screaming. Voices are silent. Friends are angry. Brokenness is rife. Lots of people feel like… Continue reading When All the “Stuff” is Happening

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The Trouble With Love interview with Toni Shiloh

What a fun interview with author,Toni Shiloh, about her newest release, The Trouble with Love 🙂 Check out the book here 🙂

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An Overheard Prayer

Reading someone else’s journal or diary is a definite no-no, right? I mean, it’s a glimpse into someone’s most intimate thoughts, unguarded and candid in a way we’d never feel comfortable expressing out loud. There’s this sense of vulnerability to the moment, in my opinion, that lends itself to a special kind of care and… Continue reading An Overheard Prayer

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Emerging from the Fog on Mother’s Day

It's been quite the journey over the past two months, hasn't it? I sit here after a Mother's Day lunch with my family and think about the shifts and changes and hardships that have happened in my family, community, and the whole world.  I don't know what specific things you've struggled with - if your… Continue reading Emerging from the Fog on Mother’s Day

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Nicodemus and Chapter Hooks

Anybody like cliffhangers? Okay, maybe not in REAL life, but how about in fiction/movies? Personally, I'm not a fan of them, because I want an ENDING (or the promise of a happy beginning), but something I DO enjoy are chapter hooks. Chapter hooks are those moments at the end of a chapter when you left… Continue reading Nicodemus and Chapter Hooks

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A Match for Emma

Book releases can be crazy things. I'm a little behind with celebrating on my blog because other life things have been busy...but here we are now! And I'm so excited that Jon and Emma's story has entered the cyberworld 🙂 (and also paperback). Leading up to it there are so many things to put into… Continue reading A Match for Emma

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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!!

WE HAVE WINNERS!!! Scavenger Hunt winners?!? #1 Lisa Hudson #2 Kathryn Bochman #3 Heather Olsen #4 Jan D. #5 "DR" of New Zealand --check your inbox! And thanks to all the rest who took part. We so appreciated your involvement! Individual authors will be directly connecting with the winners of bonus prizes over the next… Continue reading Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!!

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Never Too Old for Fairy Tales & Giveaway

Today we are celebrating fairytales and C.S. Lewis. Why? Well, I never tired of celebrating BOTH of those things, but also, Finding Ever After, a 4-in-1 collection of fairytale-ish novellas is FREE on Amazon through Saturday. These stories will tickle your funny bone, touch your heart, and bring a little bit of ‘magic’ into the… Continue reading Never Too Old for Fairy Tales & Giveaway

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Untold Stories & Heavenward

My husband and I took a little trip this past weekend over the mountain to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I say, “over the mountain” because the Blue Ridge Mountains blend into the Smokies, so in reality, we went over a LOT of mountains, taking the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville. While in Gatlinburg, we took a… Continue reading Untold Stories & Heavenward

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Royals Walking Among Us

I’m a big royals fan!  When photos of Queen Elizabeth or any of her grandkids (or great-grandkids) pop up on my screen, I usually take a few seconds to read about the events and look at the pics, as if I have some kind of connection with them.  Due to their placement in their culture… Continue reading Royals Walking Among Us