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Book Journeys – Roanoke

I loved getting to return to my home state in Joanne Bischof’s beautiful novel, The Lady and The Lionheart. In Bischof’s excellent story of romance and redemption, the characters remain in the small city of Roanoke, Virginia for most of the book. Roanoke is a beautiful little city located in the Roanoke Valley in the southwestern… Continue reading Book Journeys – Roanoke

Book Journeys

Book Journeys – Reality TV Style   

I just finished fellow Alleycat and dear friend, Krista Phillips's upcoming novel The Engagement Plot and people... It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I’ll let you read the blurb HERE – but today on Book Journeys we’re going to travel to various places that the characters visit in the book. If you do not know, it’s… Continue reading Book Journeys – Reality TV Style   

Book Journeys

Book Journeys – Belmont Mansion

Known for its musical history, Nashville is a city with, not only a song or two, but a rich story. Home of our nation’s 7th president, Andrew Johnson, as well as the reputed ‘birthplace of country music’, Nashville offers a wide range of opportunities for a journey.   But since we’re celebrating Tamera Alexander’s newest… Continue reading Book Journeys – Belmont Mansion

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Book Journeys – Tyntesfield

There are some places that just Need to be in a book! This gothic revival manor house is one that has found its way into many books as a model for its fictional counterpart. One of the authors whose book I’ve read most recently that used this beautiful estate as a muse is Carrie Turansky. In her… Continue reading Book Journeys – Tyntesfield