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The first things that come to mind for me are:

Adidas profits from bloody slaughter of kangaroos.  The bodies of slaughtered baby kangaroos - torn from their mother's pouches and too small to be of any commercial use - will lie for the eagles to peck at, while their slaughtered mothers are made into football boots for the sportswear giant.   Adidas has been accused of fuelling ♥Hugh Jackman ♥ Photshoot - Hugh Jackman Photo (26818914) - Fanpop


Hugh Jackman

Sandy shores

Nicole Kidman

Opera house


Thor is no longer arrogant; he's been humbled.  He's grown much since his last movie.  The Thunderer doesn't appear foolhardy in this picture.  Calm, confident, and prepared; but no longer looking for a fight.

Tony Atwood

And Thor (I know. Weird)

Plus, a whole slew of amazing people I’ve gotten to know through the writing process, like Karen Schravemade, Ian Acheson, Katie Donovan, Lucy Nel, Timmy Cleary, and Rel Mollet…plus my new acquaintance Jessica Kate. (If I missed some of my down under cyber-friends, I’m so sorry!!!)

Sydney.pngI just finished Kara Isaac’s novel, Then There Was You. You can find my review HERE. This book takes place almost completely in Australia, particularly in the Sydney area. So today we’re featuring a few lovely sites from that city 😊

  1. The ACCENTS!!! I know, I know. I can rent a movie or hang out on Youtube to get this fix, but live and in-person is so much better. Plus, you get to see the culture, which is another one of my favorite things to explore!! Come on, doesn’t everyone swoon just a wee bit when an Aussie starts talking? Or is that just me? Actually, I probably swoon over English, Irish, and…especially Scottish too, but, my oh my, there’s just something golden about an Australian accent.

  1. The Sydney Opera House – Wow! This magnificent edifice of modern architecture and an internationally recognizable feature associated with Sydney. (I even recognized it in Finding Nemo) The Opera House hosts over forty performances each week.

  1. Tamarama, Bondi, or Bronte beaches are nearby on the eastside and offer beautiful views and excellent spots for romantic beach walks or charming picnics. There are even walking trails connecting some of the beaches, so you can take a lovely stroll from one picturesque view to the next. Or take a half-hour ferry ride to manly for some surfing, snorkeling, and other sea adventures.
    Tamarama Beach via Beautifully, Suddenly
  1. Did you know that Australia has a mountain range known as the BLUE MOUNTAINS!!! (see, I was MEANT to visit there!!) Look at these beautiful mountains! I’d feel right at home (except there’s also a really cool beach nearby and we have to drive a ways to find a beach) Sisters Sunset Blue Mountains New South Wales

The Blue Mountains feature bushland, waterfalls, hiking trails, forests, and… CLIFFS! Okay, okay, I just get nostalgic about cliffs. It’s a weird romantic thing in my head. Plus, they have something called Wentworth Falls???? Really? Engage daydream mode NOW.

Wentworth Rainbow, Wentworth Falls, Australia,  by Toma Iakopo,Tomojo Photography

    1. If you want to take in a great view of Sydney, take a Bridge Climb up Sydney Harbor Bridge. From the photos, the views look spectacular. However, I’m more of a country girl than a city girl, so if you’re looking for me, you’ll probably find me at one of the beaches or…the Blue Mountains 😊

I really hope some of my Aussie friends will chime in to share some great places to visit in Australia!! Have you visited? What did you love about the lovely land Down Under?



  1. Robin E. Mason

    you had me at Hugh Jackman!!! AND you got Russell Crowe too!!! ahhhh, ooohhh

    • pepperbasham


  2. emilee

    I haven’t been to Australia. I haven’t even been to all 50 states, that’s what I’d really like to do. I do love learning about Australia and the fascinating culture though. I’m really looking forward to Kara’s new book!

  3. joyofreadingweb

    Australia is on my list of places I’d like to visit.

  4. carylkane

    I’d love to visit Australia!

  5. Jeanne

    We lived there for a year in the 80’s. You will love the people! Forget the celebrities. The everyday Aussies will knock your socks off. I would suggest driving the Great Ocean Road and seeing the Twelve Apostles. Have fun! You will never be the same having visted.

  6. Fiction Aficionado

    LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I love the Snowy River area in south-eastern NSW/eastern Victoria. And I haven’t seen nearly enough of the outback. My in-laws have just returned from a three month trip around Australia and they have seen some gorgeous places!

    And I love that Tony Atwood makes your eclectic list! Lol!

  7. camillering

    I live in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, halfway between Sydney and Canberra (our nation’s capital), and an hour from the beach. Beautiful in Spring, Autumn, Summer and occasional snow in Winter. Where to visit? Tasmania is awesome, historic and natural; Uluru (Ayers Rock) is stunning in central Australia; we’ve just come from a holiday on the far north coast of NSW where we saw whales from our apartment windows (!) – on their way to the Great Barrier Reef. You won’t regret the hours in the air to visit 🙂 Carolyn Miller

  8. Ian

    You had me at … Hugh Jackman!

    Oh … #mancrush #wegrewupinsamesuburb

    Dear Pepper, how delightful that you’ve written this post about Australia. And all because you read a novel written by one of our Kiwi friends! (Yes, that’s one affectionate name given to those who live over the ditch, i.e., New Zealanders)

    You’ve highlighted some beautiful aspects and places … the Harbour Bridge climb is pretty spectacular. And yes, we have mountains that are “blue”, one of my favourite spots especially in winter when in the later afternoon you can sit around a warm fire with a cuppa and Tim Tam.

    But there are lots of wonderful places to explore – Melbourne, Far North Queensland (Great Barrier Reef) – so many to mention.

    And thank you for introducing me to Tony Attwood, I didn’t realise we had a world leading expert on Aspergers here.

    Be assured you’ll have a tribe ready to host you and show you around our lovely country when you come down under.




  1. Swoony Saturdays – Josh Tyler – Pepper D Basham - […] release, Then There Was You. You can check out my review HERE. And don’t miss out on the Book Journeys post…

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