Creating a Word…Shakespeare-style

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imageYou know what happens when you leave a creative mind in a car alone for too long?

Crazy stuff.

Like….creating a word that holds the essence of your brand! YES!

Historic note: It is theorized that playwright William Shakespeare first cited from over 200 to 1500 words! Whether he was the inventor of them or not, we can’t know for sure, but he’s given credit for a BIG bunch of them.

Another historic note you can use on Jeopardy some day: Author John Milton is said to have coined over 600 words still listed in the Oxford Dictionary! WOW!!

Word inventing is cool…especially if it is meaningful to the story or author 🙂

2011-05-14 11_16_52I have channeled my inner Williams Shakespeare/John Milton and created a word that embodies the type books that I usually write.

Are you ready for it? It’s the FIRST time anyone has EVER seen it in cyberspace. (except a very small group of individuals with whom I shared it first to make sure I wasn’t going completly off my rocker…or if I WAS going completely off my rocker, they were rocking right along with me. So I’m not alone 🙂

And…my agent approved…which means she’s off her rocker too – OR – she knows when to encourage a good branding strategy 😉

This new word embodies THREE key elements of my stories:

  1. Those of you who follow my writing know that I’m an Appalachian girl. The Blue Ridge Mountains are my home and such a part of my heart and stories. So many of my novels have some sort of Blue Ridge Mountain or Appalachian element in them.
  2. You ALSO know that I have an obsess….um….deep interest in all things British. From England to Scotland to Wales and Ireland, I love it – cheers and all. Many of my novels reflect this infatuatio…um…interest by involving a character and/or setting of the UK.
  3. Most of my novels hold some element of culture clashing. Yes, oh yes, I love to pair two different cultures together and watch the story unfold with all of its humor, conflict, and steps-to-understanding. SUCH fun!

day1So, without furthur embellishment from yours truly, here is the word I’ve created 🙂


Yes, you read that right!

I write Britallachian novels.

Woohooo!!! Just so you know, I will begin to use this word freely and probably drop it in the middle of conversations with unashamed and completely biased pride 🙂 (note the fun-loving sarcasm)

Have you ever created a word? Do you have a brand? If you’ve read my novels, do you think the word fits?

Share, oh share!!


  1. Linda Sease

    You are so clever!! We’ll need a new dictionary!

    • pepperbasham

      HAHA! Linda! Can you imagine adding Britallachian into the dictionary?!? LOL

  2. courtney207

    This word TOTALLY fits with your stories, Pepper! I love it!!!!! (And I say “go you” for boldly inventing a new word! 🙂 )

    • pepperbasham

      Courtney, it goes along with my ‘craziness’, I suppose 🙂 I do like it. Looks cool with a hastag too. #britallachian 🙂

  3. beechtreehollow

    As you know Pepper, I live in the Blue Ridge Foothills of Virginia. With a couple of my ancestral lines going back into Scotland and Wales…yes, crazy or not, Britallachian is a great word!

  4. heartmama

    #Britallacian… I like it. My spell checker does not, but then it disagrees with half the dictionary so I’ll just override it. 😉 Does this mean when you are done with the Thorn series that your following books will continue to involve both England and Appalachia?



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