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Spotlight on Author Mary Connealy – Petticoat Ranch

Looking for some great books for summer reading?

Here’s your chance to get a sneak peek into some wonderful options from fantastic authors. For the next few weeks, stop by for the Author of the week – Spotlighting a new author each week with reviews of his/her books.

Who better to start the party off than with Mary Connealy!

Mary’s romance with cowboys…er….

Mary’s cowboys and romance…um…

Mary’s books about cowboys and romance are not only well-written, but fast-paced and funny. So let’s look at your options from the Connealy Classics, shall we?

And where better to start than the beginning.

Here’s my review from December 2007 – when I first got my hands on a Mary Connealy book.

I can’t wait to read more from Mary Connealy. This delightful novel really brings out the battle of the sexes in a fun, spunky, and hilarious way.

Sophie Edwards has been a single mom long before her husband was killed, and now she thinks she’s seeing ghosts. When Sophie’s husband’s unknown twin brother, Clay, stumbles upon her ranch and her four daughters, the last thing on her mind is romance. At first, she’s only worried about saving this insane stranger’s life, then she’s worried about going insane herself at his likeness to her dead husband. Somehow, within the expanse of a few days, she’s married to him, but now, besides figuring out how this new husband of hers fits into her life, she’s also battling against the men who killed her first husband and want to own her ranch.

Clay, on the other hand, is a good guy with the right intentions, but absolutely unsure of how to manage a household of crying, emotional, and talkative ladies. With a hint of intrigue, a gallon of drama, and a ‘wagon load’ of sidesplitting male-female relationship humor, this novel is a must read.

What’s new from Mary Connealy?

Her next book, Deep Trouble, comes out in May. Another great Connealy classic filled with cowboys, laughter, and adventure is sure to hit my bookshelf by then. Learn more about it at

8 thoughts on “Spotlight on Author Mary Connealy – Petticoat Ranch”

  1. I love Mary’s stories too! I just read Deep Trouble and my review is set to post in a couple of weeks…before the release date. It’s a good one. Fun…lots of gooooood kissing. Sigh….

    Mary’s books are always keepers on my shelf!


  2. Sherrinda! You’ve read Deep Trouble?
    I haven’t even read Deep Trouble. (well, when I WROTE it, I read it)
    Is this Net Galley? I don’t understand how that works.
    I’m glad you like it. Each new book is a chance to crash and burn….all part of the joy of being an author.


    1. YES!!!! I happened upon Deep Trouble while browsing through NetGalley. You can download free if you do a review close to the release date. The formatting was a little off, but I was able to read it just fine! And ooooh, the kissing! And all the other characters were so interesting and so inter-connected. I was amazed at how you got it all to work out! Seriously, it was a FUN book…so much action and drama. I don’t think there is any crashing in your future!


  3. Mary,
    So glad to give SHOUTS about you!! I think your writing is so positive and exciting.
    KC – Thanks for visiting.
    Sherrinda- I’m jealous.
    That’s all I have to say.
    Except the fact that I’m praying you end up as a roommate at ACFW!!!!


  4. I love Mary’s books. I haven’t been able to read all of them yet but have sure enjoyed the ones I’ve read. They make me laugh but also enhance my faith because of the deep faith some of her characters live daily. I’ve introduced her books to my book club, resulting in several more fans.
    Thanks for featuring Mary’s books.


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