The Rhythm of Secrets by Patti Lacy

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I just finished reading Patti Lacy’s newest novel  The Rhythm of Secrets. What a complex melody of words & plot. Here’s a bit from the back of the book:

Sheila Franklin has masqueraded as the precocious daughter of avant-garde parents in colorful 1940s New Orleans, a teen desperate for love and acceptance, and an unwed mother sent North with her shame.

After marrying Edward, Sheila artfully masks her secrets, allowing Edward to gain prominence as a conservative pastor. When one phone call from a disillusioned Veitnam veteran destroys her cover, Sheila faces an impossible choice: save her son and his beloved…or imperil Edward’s ambitions.

Inspired by a true story, The Rhythm of Secrets intermingles jazz, classical, and sacred music in a symphony trumpeting God’s grace.

This beautifully crafted story, rich with descriptions and vivid detail, is the tale of a woman sifting through three lives to find
herself. Through heartbreak Sheila Franklin steps from the shadows of her life to  become the woman God has called her to be. Determined to rescue her son’s fiancé and be free of the guilt in her past, Sheila finds hope in the truth of God’s faithfulness and forgiveness.

My heart trembled with Sheila’s as the façade of her quiet life flashed into an orchestra of dissonance and the truth of her past left her with a choice to make. A choice that would change her life forever. It wasbeautiful to watch her grow and grasp the greatness of the God she serves.

A compelling story about a God who makes amends of our pasts and provides eternal hope for our future.


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