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In August 2009, Mary Connealy’s wonderful novel, Montana Rose, made it into my hands. There are so many of Mary’s books that are absolutely delightful, but I think this one is my favorite so far.

Here’s my review from 2009:

Saddle up for another fast-paced, knee-slappin’ good time with Mary Connealy’s newest release, Montana Rose. Montana_Rose

With the hope of rescuing newly-widowed and pregnant Cassie Griffen from a fate worse than death, Red Dawson volunteers to marry the young woman and sweep her out of embittered Wade Sawyer’s harmful path. But Wade’s wrath may not be Red’s biggest concern. His obedient, demure little wife might accidentally kill him before Wade can ever get the chance.

Forced into subservient insecurity by her former husband, Cassie responds to Red’s gentleness with suspicion and surprise. The more she realizes his genuine goodness, the more she wants to give to him – but her former husband never taught her how to be a rancher’s wife, so her attempts nearly burn down the barn, knock off Red’s head, or drive him to such distraction he loses his herd.

Like a baby bird, Cassie finds freedom to fly in the security and encouragement of Red’s love. Whereas her thoughts, feelings, and personality were stifled by the tyrannical rule of her first husband, Red’s consistent coaxing (sometimes goading), quick forgiveness, and ready laugh bring out the Cassie who has been hiding underneath years of abuse.

If Red can survive the antics of his incompetent wife and Wade Sawyer’s schemes, will he find the love he’s been looking for?

With humor, gentleness, and poignant spiritual depth, Mary Connealy weaves a beautiful tale about the freedom found within true love. Mary opens the reader’s eyes to the transforming power of God’s love and how our security in Him helps us to become the people He’s called us to be. Never a slavemaster, but ever the gentle Lover, God pulls us from our preconceived hurts and notions to bring out the REAL us – and bloom the hidden talents he’s designed within us.

Red Dawson’s constant example of God’s love to Cassie gives her strength to become the woman God’s called her to be. Along the way there is laughter, heartbreak, and a breathtakingly beautiful bond which develops between the young couple. Mary’s description of the labor and delivery of Cassie’s baby was all the things that make up a good story: touching, hilarious, frightening- with enough reality to make it believable.

As with all of Mary’s books so far, I highly recommend Montana Rose. I’ve always said that Petticoat Ranch is my favorite novel she’s written, but Montana Rose is quickly vying for first place. I can’t repeat it enough. Get this book, sit back, enter a world of lassoes, spurs, strong women, vicious pigs, perfect scoundrels, gentle cowboys, and a God who can use them all for His glory.

Just so you know, Mary doesn’t just stick with cowboys, guns, and fightin’ women. She’s branching out. In October, Mary’s suspense novel Ten Plagues hits the bookstores with a new style from the author. Published under the pen name, Mary Nealy, this book lets us see the scope of Mary’s talent – as she tosses aside the humor for a large dose of suspense and spiritual warfare. To learn more, check out her site at:


  1. Mary Connealy

    This is really your favorite, Pepper?
    I love knowing that. Thank you. I have a special place in my heart for these two.

    • pepperbasham

      Red is my favorite hero you’ve written. I also think it’s one of the most beautiful representations of a man wooing a woman’s love with patience and grace – much like God’s love for us.
      All of your usual wonderful aspects are there (humor, adventure, cowboys), but there’s a tenderness to this one that makes it unique, IMO.
      Okay – my one serious moment for today.

  2. Angi Griffis

    I agree with you. This is my favorite of Mary’s books. I LOVE Red. He is so sweet. I think the gentle giants are the absolute best. And Red was a giant in more ways than one, particularly in his faith. Awesome review. 🙂

    • Mary Connealy

      Thanks, Angi. Red is the perfect man. All men should immediately change to be just like him.

      I need to unline stuff and get my husband to read it.


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