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Writing Goals for 2010

2010 – wow, it looks so weird in print?

A brand new year and many things to ponder. So, what are some of my plans this year?

1. Develop a deeper relationship with Christ through a more consistent prayer life. How do we get to know people? Talking with them. Studying them…well, Christ is the same way. I plan to look at the characterization of Christ in the Book of John and meditate more on my relationship with Him.

2. Focus more on my family – and the education/guidance of my kids.

3. Writing Goals:

  •  Attend ACFW in September & meet the wonderful authors from Seekerville
  • Enter the Genesis Contest at ACFW
  • Complete two novels (my WWI historical and a contemp romantic comedy)
  • Attend BRMCWC – May 2009- and get two critiques on these two novels
  • Complete two nonfiction articles and submit to magazines
  • Complete short story and submit to magazines
  • Enter two more writing contests throughout the year.
  • Write with more consistency each week -goal- 250 words a week.

I know that weekly writing goal seems low, but as a pastor’s wife, mom of five, and full-time instructor, the goal is do-able.- with God’s help.

To find out more about Seekerville- check out

To learn more about ACFW, follow this link:

 Happy New Year and God bless.

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