The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen

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Olivia Keene is trapped. Caught with another man’s secret and hiding one of her own, she’s forced into a position as a governess for the mistrusting and ominous Lord Bradley’s two wards. But what begins as a tangle of secrets and mistrust grows into a beautiful bond of love, Olivia and Lord Bradley must weather the storms in both of their families before they can share a future.

 Reminiscent of Charlotte Bronte’s classic, Jane Eyre, Julie Klassen weaves a mysterious tale of intrigue, deceit, misunderstandings, hope, and the overwhelming beauty of true love. One of the hallmark points of this book is being noble, whether from noble birth or not. Bloodlines are not as important as choices. Whether living as a lord or a layman, we all have the option to choose grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Those are the qualities that make true gentlemen and ladies.

If you enjoyed Julie’s book, Lady of Milkweed Manor, you’ll be pleased with this new novel. It holds all the wonderful aspects of her other books: mystery, romance, tenderness, treachery, and hope – as well as a hero and a heroine you can root for.

If you would like to read the prologue and first chapter of The Silent Governess, go HERE.

The book link is:

(This book was provided as a part of the CFBA book review and compliments of Bethany House)


  1. cherryblossommj

    I’m reading it now and love it so far. Too bad for the month old Mama needed breaks. *sigh* Such is life. 🙂

    • pepperbasham

      It’s a worthwhile read. I’m a big Jane Eyre fan, and reading Klassen makes me thing of her.

  2. Carla Gade

    This looks like a winner!

  3. booklovers1

    I absolutely love this book!!! I have to say that it’s definately one of Julie Klasen’s best works!!


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