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2009 Writing Recap

Wow, 2009 has been a BUSY year. Of course most of my years are busy, but this one has been particularly full and fulfilling.
Here are a few events in my personal writing world:
  • Completed my contemporary romance, It Had To Be You.
  • Completed The Journeyman Course for Christian Writers Guild
  • Attended the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and submitted my completed novel for critique and into the contest
  • Won the Award of Excellence in Christian Literature at BRMCWC
  • Submitted my juvenile fantasy to AMG publishing in August 2009
  • Received two full requests for my contemp in September 2009
  • Finalist for The Golden Rose in October
  • Received my first notification of publication for an article in Momsense for Jan/Feb 2010 (plus my first payment for writing) 🙂
  • Entered three more contests – Linda Howard Award of Excellence; Hook, Line, & Sinker, & GOTCHA.
  • Started a historical novel and received a request for the first three chapters from Harvest House – so…that might technically go under next year, since I will send the chapters in Jan 🙂

Whew, I feel tired after typing all that…and can’t believe I did it, either.

It’s only by the grace of God that it happens. Besides writing ‘for fun’, I’m preparing lectures for work and grading papers for loads of college kids. I praise God that I don’t require a lot of sleep to function.

One personal thing I want to focus on this new year is relationships: with God, my husband, my family, and friends. As writers, we build believable characters and stories by being involved with other people in the ‘real’ world. We write from experience and imagination. It takes both.

I don’t mean you have to experience 16th century England to write about it – but jealousy, unrequited love, envy…well, those are timeless.

As an inspirational author, I must grow in my relationship with the AUTHOR of my inspiration and allow His influence to spill out into my words.

Happy New Year

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