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A Bride in the Bargain

If you like stories with humor, romance, faith, and the great western frontier, Deanne Gist can provide you with all of those and much more in her book A Bride in the Bargain. Author of (my personal favorite) Deep in the Heart of Trouble, Deeanne brings her historical fiction to 1860’s Seattle. Filled with lumberjacks, misunderstandings, and romance as big as the redwoods, A Bride in the Bargain is sure to tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.

Joe Denton needs a wife…and any wife will do. Forced to ‘buy’ a wife from entrepreneur Asa Mercer, Joe plans to meet his new lady, marry her, and keep his hard-earned claim. Unfortunately, the bride he purchased has no intentions of becoming a bride at all.

Anna Ivey ran away from New England under the impression of becoming a cook for a lumberjack who would pay her way. With her painful history, marriage doesn’t seem to be a reasonable option for her future, but nothing could have prepared her for Joe Denton. Evidently, when this mountain of a man sets his big heart on Anna, not even the towering hurts of her past can withstand the strength in his love… or can it? Anna’s a fighter and fear is a mighty foe.

Does Joe have the patience to chop down the wall protecting Anna’s heart? Will he be willing to give up his dreams to win the love of a woman who might not love him back?

To find out, pick up this delightful read. Of Gist’s books, this would be third on my favorites list – Deep in the Heart of Trouble being number one, A Bride Most Begrudging as second. It’s definitely worth the time and the imagination.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Bride In The Bargain, go HERE

2 thoughts on “A Bride in the Bargain”

  1. I've read part of this one, in a bookstore!! And so far it's great!! I can't wait to actually get it,(1-to finish the set, 2-to get to read the rest!!!!) Great Review!!!Rae Byuel from "Caffeine & Romance" Blog


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