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To the Unassuming Superheroes

This week fellow author Melissa Tagg shared some wonderful news about her brother-in-law and nephew, Chip and Ollie Reece. Chip, dad to Ollie, wrote a book for his son with Down syndrome about a super hero with…you guessed it, Down syndrome. Evidently, Ollie LOVES superheroes and I bet Ollie already knows he’s living with one… Continue reading To the Unassuming Superheroes

Mom Devotionals

Little Interruptions and Detours

Okay....I just ended a semester of work and will start back again in two weeks. Sigh. Two weeks. Praise GOD for vacations. Life can get so busy sometimes, it passes in hyperspeed. I dont' like that. It messes with your brain 🙂 My granny raised six kids by herself after her husband died of cancer.… Continue reading Little Interruptions and Detours