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Little Interruptions and Detours

Okay….I just ended a semester of work and will start back again in two weeks. Sigh. Two weeks.

Praise GOD for vacations. Life can get so busy sometimes, it passes in hyperspeed. I dont’ like that. It messes with your brain 🙂

My granny raised six kids by herself after her husband died of cancer. At the time, social security benefits weren’t an option, so she worked 2-3 jobs to keep all the bills paid. She’s a remarkable lady and all of her kids are Christians. As a mom of five, I wanted to glean from her obvious wisdom so I asked her, “Granny, how did you get through all of those years?”

She thought a moment and then a humorous grin slid across her face. “I can’t remember.”

LOL. I bet not. Talk about life going at lightspeed! 6 kids  + 3 jobs = memory loss. Yep. 🙂

Ever felt that way? Overwhelmed? Too busy? Cup filled and overflowing?

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the middle of all the ‘doing’ that we forget God is in control of every day down to the second. Each and every one of YOUR seconds…and MINE.

In the middle of all of His other ‘things’…like rotating planets, navigating millions of automobiles, making sure the sun rises and sets, He dips His finger into the story of our lives and gets involved. He actually sets our lives in motion and creates personalized detours along the way.
What an amazing thought. The God of the universe allows things to come into our lives to ‘interrupt’ our routine. He breaks the montony and gives us pause to think.
The interruption could be the means to recognize His handiwork in our lives, shock us into considering our mortality, or be something as simple as a way to remind us He cares.
God does have hands and feet you know. US.
His hands and feet are displayed through the love of His kids.
A gentle word
a random act of kindness,
 a hug from a friend,
a song of thanksgiving,
a listening ear
These are ways God uses His people to show His love to others.
Once, when I was overwhelmed in all the hustle of 5 kids, work, school, ministry….etc, I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I sat in there, seeking a small bit of quiet in the day – wondering where God was and asking for strength – or something to help give me perspective in my moment.
Suddenly, I heard the voice of my six year old outside the door…and my four year old…and my two year old…all calling my name “Mommy”.
As bad as it sounds, I didn’t answer right away.
I hoped they might go play for a little longer, so I could have that one minute of quiet. Just me.
Then, a piece of paper slid under the door. I picked it up and read in my six-year old’s print:
We know you’re in there.
I grinned. A few seconds later, another sheet of paper appeared. We luv yu. My grin grew. One last paper slid under the door. Are yu stuk?
Well that was enough to remind me of my blessings…and my calling. I needed a quiet time, but I also needed a perspective switch. God used my ‘little interruptions’ to remind me of his active work in my life – even in the little (bathroom) moments. (I’m SO glad God has a sense of humor too.)
No moment is too small and no task to menial – God sees and knows and gives us what we need to finish the work He’s started in us…
And those detours in life? Sometimes God steers us down roads we’d never travel without His guidance because He wants us to be greater people than we could ever dreamto become on our own.

6 thoughts on “Little Interruptions and Detours”

  1. Oh Pepper! What sweet children you are getting to raise! I love that story!

    I hope you are able to spend some fun time with your kiddos and maybe sneak in a bit more writing…if you so feel led. 🙂


    1. Cate.
      You sweetie.
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope the interruptions in your life right now will find a resting place for a while.

      Blessings to you.


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