Springs of Inspiration with Myra Johnson

My apologies.

Since my family moved to a new house a week ago, I’ve had lots of trouble getting online. Unfortunately, it’s messed up my Springs of Inspiration schedule, but I’m hoping we can get back on track this week.

Myra Johnson was supposed to be my guest on Friday, so I want to share her response today. Jamie Carie should be here on Wednesday and Julie Lessman on Friday.

Let me just say that I got a ‘sneak peek’ into Myra’s WIP and I LOVE it!!!! She peaked my special interest – Autism. That’s all I’ll say unless she wants to bait you with more. It’s such a SWEET story!!!

So let’s see what Myra has to say about Inspiration!

 1. This excerpt is from my debut novel, One Imperfect Christmas. Thirteen-year-old Lissa has just confessed some very serious meddling to Natalie, her mother.  Natalie also has much to be forgiven for, and in this scene they finally reach a place of healing.

 Lissa joined her next to the library table, silently intertwining her fingers with her mother’s. Her gaze fell upon the ceramic baby Jesus, sleeping in the manger between the kneeling figures of Mary and Joseph. “I guess Jesus is the only kid in the universe who never goofed up and did something stupid.”

 “I bet Mary and Joseph would disagree.” Mom released a gentle laugh. “I can just imagine how worried they were the time they searched and searched for him, only to find him talking with the teachers in the temple.”

 Lissa’s stomach tightened. “Like you and Dad worried when I ran away and hid in Granddad’s barn?”

 “Exactly.” Mom fixed her with a sad-eyed stare and squeezed her hand. “I worried, yes, but more for selfish reasons, because I didn’t think I could handle one more problem. I was hurting so badly myself that I didn’t even try to understand the pain you were going through after your dad and I separated.”

 Lissa curled her tongue over her upper lip. “I didn’t try very hard to understand how you were feeling, either. You were so upset about Grandma, but I just wanted to find a way to get you and Dad back together. Mom, I . . . ” She drew in a shaky breath, afraid to meet her mother’s eyes. “I have to tell you something.”

 “Lissa, you know you can tell me anything, don’t you?” Mom gulped suddenly, her lips flattened into an embarrassed frown. “Okay, maybe you don’t know that. I haven’t been very easy to talk to for quite a while now.” She led Lissa to the chair and ottoman, where they sat facing each other. She clasped Lissa’s hands. “But I’m listening now. What is it, sweetie?”

 Taking courage from her mother’s reassurance, Lissa inhaled deeply and poured out the same story she’d confessed to her father two days ago. Only when she finished did she lift her eyes to meet her mother’s stunned gaze. “Are you mad? Will you ever forgive me?”

 Long moments of silence passed while Lissa tried to read the myriad expressions flitting across her mother’s face. Everything she’d expected was there—shock, disbelief, con- fusion, regret. Then, finally, understanding.

 Mom squeezed her hand. “Remember what Grandma told me the day she got so sick?”

 Lissa spoke softly as the remembered terror of that afternoon ripped a wider hole in her heart. “She said it wasn’t your fault. She told you to forgive and learn to love.”

 “It’s taken me until this morning for those words to sink in. Grandma never once blamed me for not being there to help her the day she had her stroke. But I wouldn’t listen to the truth—about what happened to her, about what forgiveness means, about how much you and your dad needed me.” Her voice became breathy. “About how much I needed your dad and you. I didn’t believe I deserved to be loved, so I pulled away from everyone I cared about most.”

 Lissa sniffled. “I kind of feel that way, too, after what I did to you.”

 “Then it’s time we both learned that’s not what families are all about.” With misty eyes Mom glanced toward the nativity scene. “God gave his most precious gift to us by creating a special family. I’m sure it was so Jesus could learn firsthand about loving and forgiving.” Her eyes twinkled. “Even when we really, really goof up.”

 “I think I get it.” A pleasant warmth spread under Lissa’s heart. “Family should mean we don’t ever have to wonder if we’re good enough or if we’re forgiven. Our family loves us no matter what.” 

2. One verse I find very encouraging is taken from Philippians 1:6.  “…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” This verse reminds me that God is in perfect control. Whatever He calls me to do, whether in my writing or in any other aspect of my life, I can trust God to provide the resources I need and to bring about the results He desires.

 Thanks so much, Myra! BEAUTIFUL reminder of God’s work in us. His Call. His Talents. Our Peseverance.

Love it!

Songs of Christmas – Of the Father’s Love Begotten

How many of you do NOT know this hymn? If you raised your hand, then it’s IMPERATIVE that you click here and listen to it. Here’s another version by John Michael Talbot. This Medieval song is a combination of a Latin poem and an ancient melody known at Divinum Mysterium.

For those who enjoy solid doctrine housed within a beautiful (almost haunting) melody – this is a song you will enjoy. Imagine 16th century monks’ voices echoing through the hallowed halls of a European monastary as you listen to the recordings.

Now, which author listed this hymn as their top Christmas song pick??

My favorite Christmas song is “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.” The first verse goes like this:
Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be, He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending He, Of the things that are, that have been, And that future years shall see, evermore and evermore!
I love the truth contained in the words, and I love the melody because it’s so gentle and haunting. It always carries me away to a peaceful place in my heart. If you’re not familiar with the song, here’s a YouTube clip: http://youtu.be/OWqAKP9lAVw

Writing Spaces – A Seekerville Challenge

Today on Seekerville, Myra Johnson is chatting about Writing Spaces – so…. I thought I’d show you guys mine.

I’m usually on the move with my writing space (in the car, during lunch break, sitting in the park), but if I have an opportunity to actually write at home, these are a few of my spots.

My little desk in the hallway with quick access to every room in the house 🙂

It USED to be very neat and tidy…but that’s when I first bought the desk. Since life has happened around it, it’s become a bit more ‘realistic’. I’ve never had a writing spot before, so I’ll take it wherever I can get it. Did you notice the book I’m reading on my desk? Ruth Logan Herne’s newest, Small-Town Hearts.

I have my Writer’s Prayer posted to the wall (you can read it here) – plus all my research (for 3 different novels) scattered around. I have to walk to another room to gain access to my research books and favorite reads, but those help inspire me while I’m writing too.


The couch for late at night writing or while the kids watch a video (this is my youngest daughter, Phoebe 😉

And here is my treadmill desk. I’ll place my laptop up here while I walk so I can do some light research, watch videos (like Michael Hauge’s The Hero’s Two Journeys), or check email.

Love at First Thought with Myra Johnson

Well, it’s the last week of Love at First Thought blog series. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Wednesday, Alley Cat and buddy, Casey Herringshaw gives us a glimpse into her Love at First Thought, and on Friday, I have debut author, Tina Radcliffe.

But today….

Myra Johnson joins us.

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit and chat with Myra and Mary Connealy for about half an hour at ACFW. (I chatted with them on other occasions throughout the weekend, but that 30 minutes was mostly just me and them. WONDERFUL – and totally selfish of me, but I’m not sorry 😉

Myra’s Love at First Thought is AMAZING! It’s one of those comments that becomes devotional.

Here it is:

One of my favorite books is Autumn Rains, and the main reason is because of how the idea came about. It was inspired by something that actually happened to my brother-in-law, who at the time was pastoring the church we attended in northwest Houston. Late one evening he and the church council president were at the church discussing some business when a man arrived looking for help. He said he’d just been released from prison (somewhere up north) and was trying to get to a Texas town farther south where he heard there were employment opportunities. 
When the bus stopped for a layover in Houston, he locked his belongings in a bus station locker (this was back when they still had lockers in bus stations), and then he lost the combination. Unable to get to his money or possessions, he asked around for suggestions on where he could get assistance, and someone pointed him in the direction of our community. This was in the heat of summer, and the man walked or hitchhiked some 25 or 30 miles to get to our church.
My brother-in-law was glad to offer the man some money from a church fund set up for such needs, and then he and the church council president drove him to where he could board a commuter bus back downtown so he could catch the next Greyhound bus south. On the way, they asked him what he’d been in prison for, and he answered, “Murder.” By now it was really late and really dark, so it got really quiet in the car at that point. My brother-in-law still chuckles over the experience, though, and several weeks later they heard that the man reached his destination, found a job, and started his new life. Or at least that’s the way I like to remember it.
So that’s the inspiration for my character Healy Ferguson in Autumn Rains, and to this day he remains one of my favorite heroes, a good man who made a mistake and paid for it, determined to become the man God created him to be.
Wow! What inspiration – and food for thought! Thanks, Myra.
What does grace look like in your life? Jesus was the Master at peddling out grace. Especially grace to the people the ‘world’ viewed as outcasts and undeserving. The very nature of grace is just that – showing love, forgiveness, & mercy when it isn’t deserved.
Christ is in the business of blessing beyond expectations or just desserts.
His entire rescue mission was built on this foundation: Save a bunch of undeserving sinners.
And that love, that kind of grace, should spill out of our hearts and into the lives of those around us.
May we become Christ’s hands and feet of grace wherever we are.

Have you hugged a Seeker in 2010?

Okay, for anyone who has followed this blog – or even knows anything about me – I’m a BIG fan of Seekerville.

What is Seekerville, you might ask? It’s a fabulous, funny, and encouraging site for writers and readers of good fiction. Though most of the authors write inspirational fiction, all readers are welcome to glean from the wisdom and fun of this site.

I became a Seeker-Stalker  in May of 2009 and have been helplessly and happily addicted ever since. Even had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of the Seekers at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in September. It was one of my 2010 goals!!

So – as a tribute to some fabulous ladies of fiction, here’s a look at the 2010 Seekers Publishing list (in no particular order – except Ruthy’s ;-).

Sandra Leesmith – got the ‘Call’ to publication in July and her first novel , The Price of Victory, is set to join the world of print in Spring 2011. Woohoo!!!

Julie Lessman has had a FABULOUS year with the publication of her beautiful novel, A Hope Undaunted, and a wonderful array of awards for her writing. Awards included are #5 on Booklists Inspirational Fiction for 2010, Borders Best for 2009, and finalist for ACFW’s Book of the Year. If you’ve not read any of her previous 4 books, run to the nearest bookstore (or Sam’s) and purchase them. For a review of A Hope Undaunted follow this link.

The  news has been great for Seeker, Audra Harders, whose first novel came out with Steeple Hill, LoveInspired this month. For a sneak peek at her debut novel, Rocky Mountain Hero, follow this link. What’s happening next with the sweet Audra Harders? Hmmm, maybe she’ll let us know 😉

Along with providing helpful writing tips on her webpage, Myra Johnson’s fun novel, Romance By the Book, and beautiful story, Dogwoods in Bloom, came out through Heartsong Presents. To read a little about Romance by the Book, check out my review here.

Glynna Kaye has great news. Besides the great reviews for her debut novel, Dreaming of Home, she has a new book to release with Steeple Hill Love Inspired in February 2011. Woohoo! Congrats, Glynna, I’m looking forward to finding Second Chance Courtship in the store.

If you’re into books that alternate between life-threatening adventure, male-female banter, and belly-aching laughter – Mary Connealy is the author for you. And with her track record, you don’t have to  wait too long between books, either. 🙂 This year alone, she introduced readers to 5 new books, and had three of her previous books published in a triology. PLUS her 2011 looks very promising – with a bit of a surprise to her faithful reading audience. With three books already on the way in 2011, she’s decided to try out a new genre with a new name too. To learn more about her step outside of cowboys and petticoats, and her leap into suspense, visit www.marynealy.com. I can’t wait to find out more. (oh, she also won The Carol award at ACFW, I shouldn’t forget that 😉

Besides winning the Genesis awards at the ACFW conference and the Maggie’s Inspriational category, Pam Hillman is well on her way to joining her Seeker sisters in the world of finely printed published novels. I can’t wait to see what 2011 has to offer for her.

Cara Lynn James debut novel, Love on a Dime, graced the bookstores in 2010 and now she has TWO MORE coming out in 2011. Wow, what a fabulous start!! If you like historical romances, with vibrant characters check out Cara’s books.

Missy Tippens, with her usual sweet southern flare, ended last year with her lovely novel, A Forever Christmas, and looks forward to new newest release, A Family for Faith, coming spring 2011. I think she’s been doing a bit of book editing on the side too, isn’t that right, Missy?

Well, I’m still dancing for joy about Tina Radcliffe’s debut novel, The Rancher’s Reunion, supposedly released next month – but mine is already read and sitting on my bookshelf for all to see.  Not only that, but her second book with Steeple Hill Love Inspired is set to come out Fall 2011. Oh so happy for you, Tina!!

With a mixture of fun and suspense, Camy Tang writes a little of both. Besides keeping a very busy schedule with her Story Sensei business and coordinating the ACFW Genesis contest, Camy’s newest book, Formula for Danger, came out in September 2010. If you like edge-of-your seat fiction, you’ll want to check out her Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense novels. Learn more at her website- www.camytang.com

To stick with that Love Inspired SUSPENSE theme, Debby Guisti has enjoyed a year of GREAT news. Her novel, Protecting Her Child, won the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and her novel, Killer Deadline, came out in February. Her new novel (and series) The Officer’s Secret, is scheduled to hit a bookstore near you in May 2011.

Let’s keep up the tension with author Cheryl Wyatt – who reached book 7 in her Wings of Refuge series this year. Book 6 – A Soldier’s Devotion– and Book 7 – Steadfast Soldier– both came out this year. Maybe she’ll catch us up on what’s happening for her in 2011?

Janet Dean writes sweet historical romances. Her novel, Substitute Bride, released in February 2010 and was a beautiful story of heartbreak and new beginnings. Her new novel, Wanted: A Family, is scheduled to release in March 2011 and sounds intriguing. Widowed mother-to-be and repairman (with his own secrets). ooooh, don’t you just want to read it? 🙂

Last – and certainly NOT least, is Ruth Logan Herne. WHAT. A. YEAR!!! I think she’s trying to keep up with Mary. All I have to say about that is…they’re both crazy. 🙂  Her year started with her debut novel, Winters End, and zoomed ahead to end with her third novel, Made to Order Family. They are such GREAT books. GREAT! And there is no end in site for the prolific lady. Besides caring for adorable kids and dogs, cooking like Martha Stewart, and creating snappy replies to anyone who will listen, 2011 looks to be another amazing writing year for her. THREE MORE BOOKS (Er…I stand corrected. Ruthy will be ringing in the New Year with FOUR new books – I forgot her Christmas book 😉 are on the way, starting with Reunited Hearts in April. Oooh, I can’t wait. Check out a review of her novel, Waiting Out the Storm, here.

Whew – WHAT A LIST!!! Are you excited to see what the new year has to offer? I sure am. With authors who love Jesus and love writing, there are going to be some very happy readers out there.

Seasons Change – Fall Into Love with Myra Johnson

It’s always a pleasure to welcome a Seeker to my blog. Today is author, Myra Johnson. Myra is such a gentle, thoughtful person. I have a great memory of sitting in a corner of the lobby at ACFW with Myra and Mary Conneally, learning more about each of them…and them putting up with me very well.

Myra is a popular Heartsong Presents author, with her newest novel, Where the Dogwoods Bloom, released in July. AND she’s giving away a copy to one lucky commenter!!

I can’t say this for certain, but Myra seemed to conveniently disappear when the cameras started flashing at ACFW, but I did manage to get this shot of her (on right) with Janet Dean 🙂

And here’s one of her with Patti Lacy too.

Doesn’t she look so sweet? And she IS!! To learn more about Myra’s books, visit her website at www.myrajohnson.com

Now, Myra, so glad to have you visit today.

What are some elements that are present when a hero and heroine first realize they are falling in love with each other? What are some beautiful, interesting, unique ways of showing that realization?


With Cam and Jilly in my latest release, Where the Dogwoods Bloom, characters who practically grew up together meet again as adults. Their first obstacle is coming to terms with their preconceived images of each other. Cam always thought Jilly was a self-centered tennis brat. Jilly had a secret crush on Cam as the “knight in shining armor” who rescued her from his bullying brother.

 Years later, when a broken ankle interrupts her tennis career, Jilly agrees to help at the inn owned by her former foster parents while her foster mother recovers from bypass surgery. The first time she and Cam see each other again is when Cam picks her up at the airport. Once again, he “rescues” her–or rather her luggage–and she experiences the first glimmers of attraction to Cam as a grown man. Cam finds Jilly even prettier than she was as a kid, but it isn’t just her looks that intrigue him. She’s grown quiet, reflective, more mature somehow, and he’d like to believe she’s changed. But before initial attraction grows into love, they must each confront their truest selves and deal with their painful pasts.

 And…you brought an excerpt from Where the Dogwoods Bloom, I see 🙂

Here are excerpts from connected scenes in which Cam and Jilly are fighting their attraction to each other. Cam has scheduled a series of weekend prayer retreats at the inn, which means he and Jilly must work closely together all summer. As this scene begins, a couple is just arriving for the first retreat.

“You’re not. . .” Ivan Hartford squinted. “My word, Ruth, it is! It’s little Jillian, the tennis player.”

Mrs. Hartford gasped, her mouth spreading into a happy grin. “Jillian, of course! Harvey and Alice were always so proud of you, the daughter they never had. Haven’t you grown into a lovely young lady!”

Heat crept up Jilly’s neck. She flicked her gaze toward the kitchen and hoped for a quick escape.

“What, and no ring on that finger? Oh, my, and our handsome Cameron being single and all.” Mrs. Hartford tugged on her husband’s sleeve. “We must get these two together, Ivan.”

Please, Lord, get me out of this. “I believe Cam is seeing someone.”

He would pick that moment to jog down the stairs—and looking svelte in slim-fitting black jeans and a V-neck cotton pullover with the sleeves pushed up. He sidled between the elderly couple. “Ivan, Ruth. Just the folks I was looking for. Get settled in okay?”

“Room’s excellent.” Mr. Hartford clapped Cam on the shoulder. “And what a view of the lake.”

Mrs. Hartford linked her arm with Cam’s. “We were just telling Jillian—”

“She prefers Jilly.” Cam winked.

Jilly felt her blush deepen. “I need to get to the kitchen and check on dinner preparations. Will you excuse me?” She did her best imitation of a graceful pivot on crutches and hurried from the lobby. Good thing Cam’s girlfriend wasn’t around to see him flirting like that.

Oh, get over yourself, Gardner. Of course Cam wasn’t flirting, just being cute for his friends on the retreat.

Which, frankly, caused her even greater chagrin. She’d never be more to him than the gangly youngster with tennis on the brain and a brick where her heart should be.


On the way through the lobby, Cam stopped at the front desk, where he found Jilly seated on a barstool behind the counter. He leaned across the counter to see Ralph, the groundskeeper, arranging a footrest for Jilly’s cast.

Ralph straightened and dusted his hands. “There, that ought to be more comfortable for you.”

Jilly tested the footrest. “Much better. Thanks.”

Ralph swiveled toward Cam. “Got everything all ready for your evening campfire by the lake. Should be a beautiful night for it.”

“Sounds good. Thanks.”

Jilly flicked her hair behind her ear, a gesture Cam grew more and more fascinated with. He stared at her earlobe and wondered how it would feel to comb his fingers through the thick hair at her nape.

“Cam? Earth to Cameron.” Jilly waved a hand in front of his eyes.

He jerked backward, his face burning. “What?” 

“I just asked if everything’s going okay with your group.” 

“Oh. Yeah. Fine.” 

She nodded toward the dining room. “Better join them for lunch. Heather’s serving manicotti and homemade sourdough bread. The marinara is to die for.”

“You’ve eaten already?” Why the thought should fill him with such disappointment he had no idea. What is wrong with you, Lane? Jillian Gardner is trouble on two—make that one leg.

Jilly dropped some envelopes into the out-box on the end of the counter. “I ate with Ralph in the kitchen. We needed to talk over some inn business.”

Ralph propped an elbow on the counter and tipped his head toward Jilly. “This gal’s on top of things. Harvey did good having her come fill in for him.”

The hesitant smile curling Jilly’s lips drew Cam’s gaze. He coaxed his eyes upward to meet the brown ones looking back at him. “I’m glad it’s working out.”

Ralph shook his head. “You realize this gal hasn’t even seen the Nelsons since she got to town? I offered to cover the desk so she could visit them at the hospital, but she won’t hear of it.”

“Really, it’s okay.” Jilly waved a hand. “There’s too much going on here. I’ll have plenty of time to see them next week.”

And what excuse would she come up with then? Anger bristled where moments before Cam had once again been fighting the attraction he should rightly be feeling for Liz. What was it about Jilly Gardner that so thoroughly messed with his head?

Ooo, Myra, you left us with the ‘what if’ and a wonderful hook. Time to order this one, people – or be the lucky person who wins a copy. Thanks for being a part of this, Myra.

 Inspirational Moment:

What does Christian love look like? What should people ‘see’? Romans 12 gives a clear picture.

 9) Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.  Love one another with brotherly affection.( Outdo one another in showing honor. 11Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. 12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. 13 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. 16Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. 17 Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. 18If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. 19Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” 20To the contrary,”if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


Okay – I love announcing winners, but also hate it, because not EVERYONE can win.

Of course, SOME people win much more than their fair share, no names mentioned (SHERRINDA!!!)

But for last week, let’s celebrate with our two winners.

Barb won Janet Dean’s novel, The Substitute Bride.

Barb, if you’ll send me your snail mail to pepperbasham(at)yahoo(dot)com – I’ll get the info to Janet.

Julie’s newest novel, A Hope Undaunted, goes to …. Sherrinda.

I know, I still can’t believe it. That’s 6 books she’s won from Julie in about two years. Insane – but true.

Don’t lose heart though.

Tomorrow, Myra Johnson visits, with a chance to win her novel, Where the Dogwoods Bloom.

and on Friday, Jamie Carie is here with a chance to win her new ‘wintry’ release, The Snowflake. A lovely story.

Stop by and visit – but also visit Sherrinda’s blog and tell her that she can’t enter anymore Julie Lessman contests, okay? Tell her I sent you 🙂 http://sherrindak.blogspot.com

ACFW Conference 2010 MORE PICS

Alright, two lovely ladies from Seekerville to the right. Janet Dean and Myra Johnson. Absolutely SWEET!! I had a great time getting the chance to know them better, and as I’ve noticed on their blog at Seekerville, they both are wonderful encouragers. That seems to be a trait of all those Seekers over there. Must be why I like them so much 🙂

Next is a pic with me, Audra Harders (Seeker) and newbie writer, Angie Dickens. Angie was there for the day and such a sweetie – her one sheet was FABULOUS!!! Before the end of the day, I found out that an agent had asked to see more of her work. Let us know what happens with that, Angie. Congrats.

Audra was WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t tell you how much she just took me under her wing and showered me with God’s grace. Even prayed with me before my editor meetings. Thank you, Audra. I will NOT forget – and I’m busily working on those proposals for the editors. Wanna read? 😉

Oh my goodness, author Patti Lacy was So. Much. Fun. She just welcomed me into her friendship like she’d known me forever. See that hug! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. A real hug. Another fantastic encourager and so funny.

The Genesis coordinator and author, Camy Tang, is pictured here between me and Winter Peck. So – Between Winter and Pepper. Two seasons. LOL

Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes.

At least our names make for some very good character names. Winter, I’m stealing your name for a book – just so you know. Think I’ll name all four sisters after the seasons 😉

ACFW here I come

indianapolis-1872528_1920.jpgWell, I just had to share my news, cause I’m tickled down to my toenails.

Last night, my roommate and I ordered our plane tickets – the LAST thing we needed to secure our plans for the ACFW conference in Indianapolis. Yes, that’s right. My VERY first American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

I registered for the conference in June.

Secured the hotel the first week of July.

And now…plane tickets are a GO.

It’s a very real opportunity. Yipee kiyay!!

Why am I so excited? Well, here are a few reasons.

I’ll get to meet the SEEKERS!!!!! (waving to Julie, Mary, Tina, Ruthy, Janet, Myra, Camy, Cheryl…and all the other wonderful ladies at Seekerville)

I’ll get to dress up (Woohoo, banquet on Sunday night)

I’ll get to celebrate with the winners of the Carol Award (btw, 4 of my FAVORITE authors have finaled for this award in the Historical genre- you know who you are)

I’ll glean from all the great lectures and encouragement of being with other writers.

I might even get time to…write. I know, that might be pushing the possiblities a bit too far 😉

AND (drumroll please)

I’ll get to SLEEP!!! can you believe it? Three full nights without little people interruptions. I LOOOOOVE my kids, but oh my, what a treat to get an entire bed for an entire night. This may sound like a small celebration to some of you, but for those with kids (especially more than two with ages VERY close together) you know what I’m talkin’ about here 🙂

What a wonderful blessing and honor. I can’t wait.

And Mary, Julie, Janet, Myra, Deeanne, Laura, Cathy, Helen, Melanie…and so many other wonderful authors…

I reserve the write…er….right to get a hug and give a hug to each of you. So don’t be too afraid with this southern chic, with freckles and a somewhat insane look in her eyes, comes up to you. It’s probably me.

Are you going to ACFW? What are some of your favorite things about writers conferences?

Romance by the Book by Myra Johnson

Oh, I just love the warm, tingly feeling of finishing a lovely book. Don’t you? As you know, I’m a big time Seeker fan and just finish Myra Johnson’s novel Romance By the Book.

Her hero, Parker Travis, is adorable and insecure about his romantic abilities, but boy does he pull out the charm when he meets swim instructor Sailor Kern. Unfortunately, Sailor is infatuated with a man who really doesn’t exist – Chandler Michaels, the author of Sailor’s favorite romance books. But the Chandler on the back of the books isn’t quite the same as the man she’s agreed to assist in town during his book tour. Will she fall under the spell of the man of her dreams? Or will she realize the difference between true love and fictional love before it’s too late?

Thanks for sharing this book with me, Myra. What a great addition to the Heartsong Presents collection.

To learn more about Myra’s books, visit her site at www.myrajohnson.com