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Springs of Inspiration with Myra Johnson

My apologies. Since my family moved to a new house a week ago, I've had lots of trouble getting online. Unfortunately, it's messed up my Springs of Inspiration schedule, but I'm hoping we can get back on track this week. Myra Johnson was supposed to be my guest on Friday, so I want to share… Continue reading Springs of Inspiration with Myra Johnson

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Songs of Christmas – Of the Father’s Love Begotten

How many of you do NOT know this hymn? If you raised your hand, then it's IMPERATIVE that you click here and listen to it. Here's another version by John Michael Talbot. This Medieval song is a combination of a Latin poem and an ancient melody known at Divinum Mysterium. For those who enjoy solid… Continue reading Songs of Christmas – Of the Father’s Love Begotten

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Writing Spaces – A Seekerville Challenge

Today on Seekerville, Myra Johnson is chatting about Writing Spaces - so.... I thought I'd show you guys mine. I'm usually on the move with my writing space (in the car, during lunch break, sitting in the park), but if I have an opportunity to actually write at home, these are a few of my spots.… Continue reading Writing Spaces – A Seekerville Challenge

Christian authors, God's grace, inspirational fiction

Love at First Thought with Myra Johnson

Well, it's the last week of Love at First Thought blog series. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have. Wednesday, Alley Cat and buddy, Casey Herringshaw gives us a glimpse into her Love at First Thought, and on Friday, I have debut author, Tina Radcliffe. But today.... Myra Johnson joins… Continue reading Love at First Thought with Myra Johnson

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Have you hugged a Seeker in 2010?

Okay, for anyone who has followed this blog - or even knows anything about me - I'm a BIG fan of Seekerville. What is Seekerville, you might ask? It's a fabulous, funny, and encouraging site for writers and readers of good fiction. Though most of the authors write inspirational fiction, all readers are welcome to… Continue reading Have you hugged a Seeker in 2010?

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Seasons Change – Fall Into Love with Myra Johnson

It’s always a pleasure to welcome a Seeker to my blog. Today is author, Myra Johnson. Myra is such a gentle, thoughtful person. I have a great memory of sitting in a corner of the lobby at ACFW with Myra and Mary Conneally, learning more about each of them…and them putting up with me very… Continue reading Seasons Change – Fall Into Love with Myra Johnson

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Okay - I love announcing winners, but also hate it, because not EVERYONE can win. Of course, SOME people win much more than their fair share, no names mentioned (SHERRINDA!!!) But for last week, let's celebrate with our two winners. Barb won Janet Dean's novel, The Substitute Bride. Barb, if you'll send me your snail… Continue reading We Have WINNERS!

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ACFW Conference 2010 MORE PICS

Alright, two lovely ladies from Seekerville to the right. Janet Dean and Myra Johnson. Absolutely SWEET!! I had a great time getting the chance to know them better, and as I've noticed on their blog at Seekerville, they both are wonderful encouragers. That seems to be a trait of all those Seekers over there. Must… Continue reading ACFW Conference 2010 MORE PICS

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ACFW here I come

Well, I just had to share my news, cause I'm tickled down to my toenails. Last night, my roommate and I ordered our plane tickets - the LAST thing we needed to secure our plans for the ACFW conference in Indianapolis. Yes, that's right. My VERY first American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I can't tell… Continue reading ACFW here I come

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Romance by the Book by Myra Johnson

Oh, I just love the warm, tingly feeling of finishing a lovely book. Don't you? As you know, I'm a big time Seeker fan and just finish Myra Johnson's novel Romance By the Book. Her hero, Parker Travis, is adorable and insecure about his romantic abilities, but boy does he pull out the charm when… Continue reading Romance by the Book by Myra Johnson