Songs of Christmas – Of the Father’s Love Begotten

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How many of you do NOT know this hymn? If you raised your hand, then it’s IMPERATIVE that you click here and listen to it. Here’s another version by John Michael Talbot. This Medieval song is a combination of a Latin poem and an ancient melody known at Divinum Mysterium.

For those who enjoy solid doctrine housed within a beautiful (almost haunting) melody – this is a song you will enjoy. Imagine 16th century monks’ voices echoing through the hallowed halls of a European monastary as you listen to the recordings.

Now, which author listed this hymn as their top Christmas song pick??

My favorite Christmas song is “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.” The first verse goes like this:
Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be, He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending He, Of the things that are, that have been, And that future years shall see, evermore and evermore!
I love the truth contained in the words, and I love the melody because it’s so gentle and haunting. It always carries me away to a peaceful place in my heart. If you’re not familiar with the song, here’s a YouTube clip:


  1. Ruthy Logan Herne

    Aw, this Catholic girl is not familiar with this hymn. Gotta check it out because Myra Johnson has heart and soul and impeccable taste!

    And Pepper, I would re-run this series in the New Year sometime so more people can see it because this is a rough week for noticing and having blog time.. So much Christmas prep, heart, tummy and yes…. Soul!

    But I’m so glad you did this because the hymns that touch our hearts are endearing. And that’s a wonderful thing.

    • pepperbasham

      Totally agree, Ruthy (as I always should, right?!? 🙂
      Life is especially busy this time of year – it would be good to rerun this series 🙂


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