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Writing Spaces – A Seekerville Challenge

Today on Seekerville, Myra Johnson is chatting about Writing Spaces – so…. I thought I’d show you guys mine.

I’m usually on the move with my writing space (in the car, during lunch break, sitting in the park), but if I have an opportunity to actually write at home, these are a few of my spots.

My little desk in the hallway with quick access to every room in the house 🙂

It USED to be very neat and tidy…but that’s when I first bought the desk. Since life has happened around it, it’s become a bit more ‘realistic’. I’ve never had a writing spot before, so I’ll take it wherever I can get it. Did you notice the book I’m reading on my desk? Ruth Logan Herne’s newest, Small-Town Hearts.

I have my Writer’s Prayer posted to the wall (you can read it here) – plus all my research (for 3 different novels) scattered around. I have to walk to another room to gain access to my research books and favorite reads, but those help inspire me while I’m writing too.


The couch for late at night writing or while the kids watch a video (this is my youngest daughter, Phoebe 😉

And here is my treadmill desk. I’ll place my laptop up here while I walk so I can do some light research, watch videos (like Michael Hauge’s The Hero’s Two Journeys), or check email.

8 thoughts on “Writing Spaces – A Seekerville Challenge”

  1. How in the world do you check email while on the treadmill? And how do you answer? Save the ones to be answered till later? Hmmm….maybe this will inspire me to get on that expensive clothes hanger and walk!! 🙂


    1. Edwina,
      You can always tell by the number of mispellings in my email replies if I’m on the treadmill or not 😉


  2. Hey, Pepper! I found you over at The Writers Alley! Its nice to meet you!

    Your desk looks just like mine! I have it in a corner of the living room because we don’t have a study/office in our three-bedroom home (since we have two little ones). So I can access it quickly and easily from anywhere downstairs! We’re trying to sell our townhome and buy a house with more space (inside and outside!), so maybe in the next house, I’ll have room for a bigger desk! HAHA!


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