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Gratitude – An Underused Attitude

God uses the smallest people in my life to make the biggest impact on my heart. My kids. There are so many ways I see their understanding and growth at a younger level mirroring my spiritual growth  at an older level. And sometimes, their simple statements wipe the dust of ‘life’ off of gospel truths… Continue reading Gratitude – An Underused Attitude

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Chocolate for Moms – C=Cleanliness

Over the next few Saturdays, I'm going to do a series called Chocolate for Moms. It's a fun way at looking at the characteristics that make up a mother. If you guys can come up with some good additions to the list, that would be great. So... C. Cleanliness – Before you say anything, the… Continue reading Chocolate for Moms – C=Cleanliness

Fiction Book Reviews

Hiding What? Are you kidding?

So, my seven year old is a part of this new Webkinz craze. You know, the little stuffed animals that have an online counterpart. They’re actually pretty cute animals and some of the games online are educational, but that’s beside the point. Aaron loves them. Actually, one morning he walked through the kitchen to pack… Continue reading Hiding What? Are you kidding?