Chocolate for Moms – C=Cleanliness

by | Jul 17, 2010 | Fiction Book Reviews | 3 comments

Over the next few Saturdays, I’m going to do a series called Chocolate for Moms. It’s a fun way at looking at the characteristics that make up a mother. If you guys can come up with some good additions to the list, that would be great.


C. Cleanliness – Before you say anything, the quote “cleanliness is next to godliness” is just that. A QUOTE – not SCRIPTURE 😉

AND It’s a relative term.

There’s hair-washing, bod-scrubbing, teeth-brushing kinds of clean, and then there’s the other stuff. Things that can wait so you can sit down for five minutes and breathe. Those dishes and laundry piles will still be there, but your quiet time is less predictable.

If you came to my house RIGHT now (God forbid), you’d see toys scattered on the floor, a massive pirate ship battle across the dining room table, leftovers from VBS stacked on the kitchen counters, and enough magic markers to build a garage.  That’s part of being a mom (and not having a maid ;-). ‘most’ of the laundry is done, there are a few breakfast dishes in the sink, and the bathroom could use a slight going over, but right now – I’m going to go have a pirate ship battle with my boys. They won’t be here forever – and there will be time for kitchen duty later in the day.

As a mom, we all know life happens in quick and extremely active succession. So take a pause from the dishtowel for a brief reprieve, or a little cuddle time. We’re better moms when we find a moment away from all the ‘things’ we have to do and enjoy those little blessings He’s given us.


  1. Amy

    You are so right about what can wait. I remember my house being so clean, laundry done, dishes put away. Then I had children. With each one I fell further and further behind. But hey, what harm is a little dust (unless you are allergeic I suppose). You can have an emaculate house when they grow up and move out (it will be easier to clean by then anyway – lol)

  2. Pepper

    Exactly, Amy. I keep reminding myself that SOMEDAY they won’t be here to make a mess, and I might actually miss that. LOL

  3. misskallie2000

    I agree 100%.. Always take time to be with your children as they grow up so fast. We don’t always take time when we work full time and have a demanding husband but I would play games with my 2 children when ever we could get together and I really enjoyed that time. I used to play asteroid and pack man with my son and of course he would beat me. lol..I also did homework with my children and this is very important so they can get on the right track and do well in school. They are both adults now and I miss the time we use to share with each other.


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