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Book Journeys – The Lusitania

I’ll get back to my Book Journeys tour of The Biltmore next week, but since it’s the 102 commemoration of the sinking of the Lusitania this week AND since my debut novel, The Thorn Bearer, features this ill-fated vessel, I thought we could feature it today. On May 1, 1915, the largest ocean-liner on the… Continue reading Book Journeys – The Lusitania

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Interviews and Bookmarks! The Grand, New Adventure

Time is closing in on my debut novel's release day!! I can't believe it's only a little over a month away! This week I had two FIRSTS to lead up to next month's release. My very first radio interview as an author!! AND The arrival of my bookmarks. Now I have to say, Dianne Barker… Continue reading Interviews and Bookmarks! The Grand, New Adventure

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Historical Note: The Lusitania, A Princess of the Seas

My upcoming novel, The Thorn Bearer, begins with my characters boarding the ill-fated Lusitania. This ship, a bit smaller than its predecessors like The Titanic, was in many ways just as elegant. The First Class Dining Saloon took up two decks and was topped with a fantastic white plaster dome, decorated with frescoes.

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Vote Best Beginning – The evolution of a Novel

I've been working on a historical romance for 10 years. That's right. TEN! Not to say I've been writing it for ten consecutive years, but the story idea started 10 years ago in my preschool office in Charlotte, NC. Since then, I've rewritten the entire novel three times, rewritten the first six chapters five times,… Continue reading Vote Best Beginning – The evolution of a Novel