Interviews and Bookmarks! The Grand, New Adventure

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Fiction Book Reviews | 4 comments

TTBbookmarksTime is closing in on my debut novel’s release day!! I can’t believe it’s only a little over a month away!

This week I had two FIRSTS to lead up to next month’s release.

My very first radio interview as an author!!


The arrival of my bookmarks.

Now I have to say, Dianne Barker with Spirit FM was so sweet and eased my nervousness with her kindness. Interestingly enough, about five years ago, Dianne and I had enjoyed lunch together in Johnson CIty, TN and discussed the aspect of trying to get published. For her, it was an attempt to reenter the publishing world. For me, it was a dream of finally getting published.

Funny how we had the opportunity to reconnect after all those years for this interview. I’m in constant awe of God’s weaving past moments and present ones together in surprising ways.


Since my personal writing funds are in short supply at present, I had to design my own bookmarks, which is a daunting task. When they arrived on Tuesday, I was so tickled with the outcome – and they provided the first ‘tangible’ momentum of the publishing journey!

So…the countdown has begun for the release of The Thorn Bearer!

As a writer, what are some things you’ve done to prepare for a book release?

As a reader, what sorts of things have you seen authors do for their book releases that you enjoyed?


  1. Jeanette O. Hamlin

    Pepper, I am looking forward to your new book. I feel as though I know you, because I heard about you from my first cousin, Peggy Spencer, and also from your mother, Ginger. I just saw her a couple of weeks ago at my nephew’s, Shannon Owens, party. He is a Monk and has gone to study and work in Paris and Rome. Tell Ginger hello for me next time you talk to her.

    • pepperbasham

      Jeanette, Thank you! I love my mom and my granny was definitely one of the major inspirations in my life (and my writing life). Oh I would LOVE to see Shannon again. I remember him very well from when I was a girl at LAmbsburg Baptist! He’d always kiss my cheek 🙂

  2. Jackie McNutt

    Congratulations on your books ! i love the cover of The Thorn Bearer and your book marks. The book looks wonderful.
    As a reader I have enjoyed reading about new authors and I have really enjoyed reviewing and being an influencer . winning books is always exciting also. I am also a member of The Book Club Network which is a wonderful way to learn about authors and their books. I highly recommend them , it is a great group of people. I feel Blessed to be a part of them.

    • pepperbasham

      Thanks so much! The cover is amazing. So thankful for the beauty of it. It really sets the mood for the book. And I’ll have to check out The Book Club Network. I’ve not heard of them


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