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Conference Tips with Keli GwynI

If you've never been to Romance Writers on the Journey, you need to scootdaddle right over there and check it out. It's the brain-child of Keli Gwyn, encourager -extraordinairre and debut author. I met Keli last year at ACFW, but she'd made an impact on my life well before then. She's one of the most… Continue reading Conference Tips with Keli GwynI

Christian authors, God's grace, inspirational fiction

Conference Tips Lineup for the Week

Time for another week of conference tips and who is coming to visit?? Monday - The Kissing Queen herself - Julie Lessman Tuesday - Julie's ACFW partner and fabulous author, Ruth Axtell Morren Wednesday with Carol Finalist, Ruth Logan Herne Thursday - Debut author and encourager-extraordinairre, Keli Gwyn Friday - Seeker and sweetheart, Audra Harders… Continue reading Conference Tips Lineup for the Week

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A Visit with Author Krista Phillips

If you don't know this already, I am a member of a fantastic group writing blog known as The Writers Alley. It's such a fun place to be - with nine awesome aspiring authors to help bounce ideas, share prayer requests, enjoy funny moments, and gab about writing. Interestingly enough though, many of us have… Continue reading A Visit with Author Krista Phillips

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New Blog Series on the way….

Okay, so I've been a bad blogger. And I have a loooong list of great excuses, but I'm sure you'd much rather hear my other news 😉 Starting next week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I'll start a series entitled: Love At First Thought Stories start from somewhere and sometimes in the most unexpected places -… Continue reading New Blog Series on the way….

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How will you celebrate publication?

Okay, so I've complained about my lack of time to write. Now I'm going to jump to the very opposite thought. Getting published! It's a dream every aspiring author has, and those who are already published KEEP dreaming about staying published. But that very FIRST time, is a moment of wonder and celebration. I loved… Continue reading How will you celebrate publication?

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ACFW MORE pictures

I know, you might be getting tired of these - but I'm devoting the whole week to pictures. Pictures of people I've been wanting to meet for sooooo long. And first off, here's a picture of a lady who has just been an encouragement to so many aspiring and published authors. She gave me my… Continue reading ACFW MORE pictures

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MY FIRST Writing Interview

Woohooo! News!! I'm having my offical FIRST interview as a writer and I'm so excited (can you tell?) Stop by and check it out at Romance Writers on the Journey, Keli Gwyn's fabulous site. ALSO - This Panster is writing about PLOTTING on The Writer's Alley. Check it out at