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How will you celebrate publication?

Okay, so I’ve complained about my lack of time to write.

Now I’m going to jump to the very opposite thought. Getting published!

It’s a dream every aspiring author has, and those who are already published KEEP dreaming about staying published.

But that very FIRST time, is a moment of wonder and celebration. I loved having the opportunity of celebrating with Melanie Dickerson when she found out about her book, The Healer’s Apprentice, and more recently with Keli Gwyn, who just signed a contract with Barbour. WOW!

How would you celebrate publication?

I believe in shooting BIG!!

My best friend, Jessica, and I have a plan to go to England within the next two years. We’re both moms of five and before our oldest kids start college, we want to take one whole week and just spend it together in England. We both have even started saving for it.

Now, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’ve told Jess that if I get published before we go- the room is on me. A piece of England is in almost every story I write, and if…er…when I get published – I want to go back. And going with my best friend of 18 years would make it the ULTIMATE celebration for me. The only thing that would make it better – would be if my Mom could come too.

So tell me, have you thought about publication? If you are published, how did you celebrate The Call?

Here are a few pics from my trip and the inspiration for many of my novels. Hope you enjoy.

These last few pictures are of the Bed & Breakfast where I stayed – and where I plan to return with my friend Jess. It’s called The Manor Farm Inn in Dethick. The hosts are WONDERFUL, the food is fabulous, and the atmosphere is simply lovely. I can’t wait to return!

13 thoughts on “How will you celebrate publication?”

  1. Those photos are awesome, Pepper! I’d love to see you sell soon so you and your gal pal can book your trip to the Old Country.

    Thanks for the kind words in your post. My awesome CP and treasure friend Anne Barton hosted a party for me that was even better than the one in my dreams. I’m blessed to have so many wonderful friends, such as YOU. =)


  2. What beautiful pictures! I only visited London when I went, but hope to one day return and see some of the beauty surrounding it.

    I think if I ever sell, I would take my family on a cruise and definitely get some laser hair removal!!!! Seriously, turning 40 has those pesky hairs sprouting like weeds in the field. bleh


  3. I wish I could even dream about going to England! LOL Alas, getting published doesn’t equal having money! Especially when your husband’s being downsized coincides with your book’s release date. No kidding.

    But your photos are beautiful, Pepper! Can’t wait to celebrate with you when the Call comes!!!


    1. Melanie,
      Some day.
      But not today – and I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t even have time to celebrate if it was today.
      And I’ll keep praying for you and your family.


  4. So beautiful pictures Pep! You should share them sometime in a weekend edition. Makes me want to go. 🙂 I don’t know what I would do…probably call you right away. 🙂


    1. These pics are like stepping back in time for me. I can just close my eyes and feel the sprinkling of morning mist on my face.
      I can’t tell you how thankful I was for the trip. It was the best gift EVER


  5. Oh wow, Pepper, you celebrate big! I was thinking about this idea in the car the other day, trying to imagine my name on a future book cover, and I just couldn’t believe that it could possibly happen. But my friends are seeing their dreams come true, so why can’t mine some day? 🙂

    Hmm, how would I celebrate? Definitely make the hubster take me out on the town. Or maybe away for the weekend, sans kids. Or just call everyone I can think of and shout until I lose my voice.


  6. First things: I think I’d just whoop and hoop and scare the dog and cat. Then email my friends and family and take myself out for a dessert. Buy a MacBook and put the rest in the bank. (please tell me I might get more than the cost of a MacBook!)


    1. MacBook is a great idea, Deb.
      And I’m totally with you on the whooping and hollerin’.
      You just let me know, and I’ll whoop loud enough for you to hear!!


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