Swoony Saturdays

Swoony Saturdays – Josh Tyler

Welcome! Welcome! Swoony Saturdays are your opportunity to be introduced to a book hero who fits high quality hero characteristics. (okay, so he just makes us weak in the knees for all kinds of reasons, but you get the point) The photos involved are chosen as the most representative of the heroes featured, so IF… Continue reading Swoony Saturdays – Josh Tyler

Book Journeys

Book Journeys – Australia

Australia!! The first things that come to mind for me are: Kangaroos Hugh Jackman Sandy shores Nicole Kidman Opera house Koalas Tony Atwood And Thor (I know. Weird) Plus, a whole slew of amazing people I’ve gotten to know through the writing process, like Karen Schravemade, Ian Acheson, Katie Donovan, Lucy Nel, Timmy Cleary, and… Continue reading Book Journeys – Australia