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Swoony Saturdays – August Reinhold

Welcome! Welcome! Swoony Saturdays are your opportunity to be introduced to a book hero who fits high quality hero characteristics. (okay, so he just makes us weak in the knees for all kinds of reasons, but you get the point) The photos involved are chosen as the most representative of the heroes featured, so IF… Continue reading Swoony Saturdays – August Reinhold

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History Tidbits – The Thorn Healer

I love history - particularly certain time-periods. What about you?   Of course, there are certain eras I don't care to read-up on as much, but as a whole  I really enjoy the discovery true events and places in the past. As I researched for The Thorn Healer, it was amazing to visit the places… Continue reading History Tidbits – The Thorn Healer

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Overwhelmed by Reader’s Responses!

It's true. The past two days I've been on the verge of tears from the absolutely BEAUTIFUL reviews that have come in about The Thorn Healer. Why? Well, because this story has been the hardest one to write to date (just as Julie Gwinn or Carrie Schmidt). Writing the hero wasn't difficult, but 'finding' my… Continue reading Overwhelmed by Reader’s Responses!