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Fairy Tale Celebration

56237498_326165104921840_121451264130154496_nOnce Upon a Time…

There were fairy tales.

And from those fairy tales came MORE fairy tales because fairy tales have an amazing way of bringing truth to light in the most subtle of ways. This quote by author Ursula Le Guin or the one by famed Madeleine L’Engle puts the world of fairy tales into a bigger perspective.

Story speaks.


And fairy tales have a way of community deep truth that few other tales can do.

So…how have fairy tales been woven through some of our more contemporary-published works? I asked readers and they gave me a few to share with you!

So, what are some great stories from the last decade that have been inspired by fairytales? Check THESE out!

The Not-So-Fairy Tales series by the amazing and hilarious Chautona Havig.

Not So.jpg

Sara Ella’s Unblemished Trilogy – which kind of ROCKED the CBA world with its awesomeness

Unblemished series.jpg

The amazing Serena Chase’s series Eyes of A’veria – and the covers are beautiful!!!Serena Chase.jpg

Tinsel in a Tangle by Laurie Germaine (which has rave reviews from authors Chautona Having and Janine Rosche)Tinsel.jpg

Melanie Dickerson, the ‘queen of inspirational fairytale-ish spinoffs’ just released a new one based on the story of Mulan called The Warrior Maiden, but if you’re wanting to know about MORE of her fairytale-ish stories, you can learn about the full gamut here. My daughter’s favorite is The Merchant’s Daughter!

The Warrior Maiden

AND since we’re celebrating fairy tale-ish stories, I’m giving away a paperback copy of my newest novella, Between Stairs and Stardust – a story inspired by Cinderella. This novella came out in the Finding Ever After compilation in February and you can get your copy of ALL four novellas (which are interlinked through the creation of a fairy tale book) HERE for only $4.99!

Just answer this question to be put into the drawing:

What is one fairy tale-ish story you’ve read recently that you’ve loved? If you’ve not read any fairy tale-ish story, share what one of your favorite classic fairy tales is?



30 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Celebration”

  1. The modern fairytale rewrite Waking Rose by Regina Doman was amazing. It is about a girl who comes too close to uncovering truths which were buried in the past, and which are inconvenient enough to some people that they put her in a deep “sleep.” It comes complete with funny college kid antics, and true love sacrifices.

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  2. My favourite fairytale-ish story is The Fairest Beauty, a medieval retelling of Snow White by Melanie Dickerson! My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. I especially loved the 2017 version!

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  3. I haven’t read any fairytales recently, but I’ve always loved The Beauty and The Beast. I like how the Beast character transforms himself once he experiences love.

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  4. I LOVE all this Cinderella love!!! The live action movie that came out a few months ago made me SO happy because it shows such a tender romance between the Prince and Cinderella – and also shows Cinderella’s strength and kindness. LOVED it!!! I hope that you guys can see the strength and kindness in my “Cinderella-ish” character, Stella, in Between Stairs and Stardust

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  5. I think my favorite fairytale is Beauty and Beast, but I’m really picky about modern adaptations. As to Cinderella, I’ve liked several adaptations, especially the movie Ever After with Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston.


  6. While I haven’t read any recent fairy tales, I did love Cinderella as a child reading fairy tales.There’s just something so encouraging about having a prince select a lowly servant girl–reminiscent of Christ’s redeeming each of us.


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