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I’m really curious!

How many of you guys listen to audiobooks?

It seems to be a rising trend and I can definitely see the allure. Recently, I listened to a few books and it was this amazing hands-free opportunity. I’m not saying I want to leave the paper/print world for full-blown audio, but I’m definitely planning to incorporate more audiobooks onto my TBR list 😊

Today I have some audiobook news, an audiobook GIVEAWAY, and some novella sales – so I wanted to take the opportunity to share the news with you guys!

Are you ready?

Audiobook News!!!

55798240_2187267658024101_1325605827293216768_nMy #britallachian romance, Just the Way You Are, is coming to Amazon on AUDIOBOOK in April!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Narrator Catherine Gaffney took on the daunting task of trying to get all of the personalities and accents together in this funny culture clash between Britain and Appalachia. If you like lighthearted romcoms (except with an inspirational thread), this story has it! And there’s a fun historical subplot along with it too.

Then, if you LIKE it…you’ll be pleased to know that one of the most adorable introvert-heroes on the planet is in book #2 😊


55726357_584593432019992_2567192297456271360_nThe second novel in the Mitchell’s Crossroads series, Charming the Troublemaker, is OUT ON AUDIO!!!! YAY!!!! Now you can ‘hear’ all about #adorkableAlex and Rainey while doing other things like…washing dishes, driving, walking your dog, etc. Cool, huh?

So today I’m giving away THREE copies of the audiobook of Charming the Troublemaker. All you have to do is answer this question in the comments below: When you think of the word ‘home’ what comes to mind? Your existing house? A different place? Heaven?

Apart from Heaven😊  I get this general idea of my childhood surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I also have my kids all around me. Sounds weird, but my family and these mountains make up ‘home’ for me, wherever that may be. We’ve physically moved so many times, it’s hard for me to think of a physical ‘house’ as home at this time in my life.

But what about you? Where is home? What makes you think of home?

SNEAK PEEK at a little of Charming the Troublemaker? This excerpt is from one of my favorite scenes in the book!! #underoos

The interior of the car was dark behind the tinted windows, but she could make out Alex’s silhouette, so she tapped on the window.  With a pregnant pause, the window began to descend enough to see Alex’s signature grin.

“Hey Alex, are you ok…” Her eyes widened as the lowering window revealed his bare shoulders and chest. “What?” The window glass graciously stopped lowering as she realized Alex’s computer bag probably blocked a lot more than his belly button. “What on earth…?”

His grin brightened, too much. “It’s a funny story actually.”

54728902_2066529233646726_7259171660035522560_nShe blinked, still trying to get her thoughts to congeal into words. From her standing position, even in the fading light, she caught a clear glimpse of a broad chest and muscular arms. Her brain just couldn’t figure any excuse in the world about why Alex Murdock would be sitting on the side of this country road in nothing but his underoos.

“I ran off the road and dropped by phone.”

She studied him, trying to find the logical connection between dropping his phone and dropping his drawers. “Which automatically meant you stripped down to your skivvies in forty degree weather on the side of the road?”

He laughed. Laughed. Which immediately caused a responsive crash of two thoughts in her head. One, she wanted to chuckle too – at the sheer ridiculousness of the entire scene. In fact, a tickle waited for release in her throat as she wrestled with thought number two – Alex Murdock was crazy.

But she did like his laugh. And his boyish smile. Which might mean she was the crazy one.

“My cell flew out the window.”

“Your cell flew out the window?” Yep, he was crazy.


She tilted her head, playing along with the crazy. “Did the fairies take it?”

Free Book (and one on sale 😉)

Now for the SALE!!!!!

My two Jane Austen-inspired e-novellas are on SALE!!!

Today through the 30th, Second Impression is FREE and Jane by the Book is only 99¢!!!

Leave your answer to the question below and be entered to win one of three copies of Charming the Troublemaker on audio!! Woohooo!!!!

And don’t forget to stop by and get your copies of Second Impressions and Jane by the Book!!




  1. Susan Cornwell

    While I love reading, more than listening to books, I have started listening to my audiobooks during my commute to and from work. So happy to see some of your books being made into audiobooks.
    Home to me is simply family. We moved several times while I was growing up. Dad’s job kept us moving throughout the Midwest. So to me, home is ‘family’. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    The older I get the more I long for my Heavenly Home. While here, home is where I am with my husband. It would be better with my parents, siblings, kids, and grandkids, but for now I am content in my husbands arms. That is home.

  3. Kay Garrett

    Home is where the heart is which to me is where I am with hubby. Fortunately 2 years ago we retired and moved to our dream destination – the Ozark Mountains. So now I have everything the heart could desire – my love and calling home in the best place for us. We love it here and it made all the years of dreaming and planning well worth it. This will be the home until the good Lord calls us to our heavenly home.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. susiesellnergmailcom

    When I think of home, I think of my current home, in which I’ve lived for 40 years. My husband and I moved here after we’d only been married a few years, so this house represents the majority of our married life. However, when reference is made to the home in which I was raised, I think of my parents’ and siblings’ home on a busy street in Richmond, Virginia. I have fond memories of both houses/periods of my life.

  5. Perrianne Askew

    Home to me is here with my family, my husband and sons. There is a small town in Louisiana that has my heart, my hometown. A place where memories of my grandparents and that sweet little town that has grown up remain embedded in my soul.

  6. Licha Haney

    Hi, to me home is here where I have been living for the past almost 39 years., where it has been home for my children and grandchildren, some of which don’t live here anymore, but of course they have a home here with us for whenever they can come see us. And yes, I have a home in heaven where one day I will be and will be joined by all my loved ones, and where all will be Great, especially having Our God there, nothing more Awesome than that. 🙂 <3

  7. Jennifer K

    I love audiobooks! Home is where the book is!

  8. Gail Hollingsworth

    Longing for my forever home, Heaven but content here with my family. Home is not necessarily a physical place to me, but being around my loved ones. I’m fortunate that both my adult children and their families live in the same town as me. My daughter along with her husband and two children even live right across the street!

  9. lindamoffitt02

    Definitely not my current house home would be my house before this one where every time I came home I smiled when I pulled in the driveway

  10. Barbie D

    The house I’ve been living in for 26 years–lots of memories!

  11. Mary Kay Moody

    Love all the teasers, Pepper! And I’d like to listen to more audiobooks. I need to move more, not be rooted to a chair! HOME? The place where loved ones gather & are accepted & loved on for who they are, no facades. Mountains and forests and breezes help, but it’s the people! [Missin’ me some family right about now! 🙂 ]

  12. Denise

    Home is where the heart is…totally, true! My home is with my hubby and girls in Alaska with sprawling mountains, valleys, and streams. However, my heart also says Big Island Hawaii as we are always so relaxed and at peace there when we can go. My heart is also pulled to the South where my mama and family are. Rolling hills, sweet tea, pecan trees and relaxed southern humor draw me, too.

  13. Alicia M Laxton

    You know that line, ” You put your arms around me, and I’m home.” That’s the way I feel about my husband, and I hope it’s the way my kids feel when they are in our arms. I think the best way to understand Heaven is in the unconditional love of one’s family.

  14. Anne Rightler

    Home has meant a few things over the years. When first married it meant my parents’ home. Then as our kids grew older home actually became our own house and still pretty much is that to me now as long as the family is there too! But now that my parents have both died, Home for them and me too eventually, is eternity with God.
    P.S. I LOVE audiobooks. When they first became more popular (cassette tape type!) I was so thrilled that I could embroider and read a book at the same time! 🙂

  15. Candi F

    Love the sale on your e-books! Thanks! Home: the first thing that came to mind was “casa” (what I get for thinking in two languages sometimes. But having lived in a foreign country and came back to visit family and friends…home comes to take on a new meaning. Home is where you put down roots. Where you can be yourself. Where loved ones are. When living abroad and far from family sometimes it felt like I had two homes, the place with family and friends that used to be home in my country of origin, but I had left that and created a new home, friends and life in my new location. It was hard and it often felt like something was missing no matter where I was because I had two home places/people groups. Having returned to my country of origin and made home here again and as the years have gone by home has transitioned back to where I am located but the ache of the former home abroad never fully goes away. I think you leave bits of your heart at different homes along the way of life.

  16. Elizabeth

    My first thought of home is wherever family is. I always think of holidays or family gatherings where we are all together young and old, sharing stories and meals. And, with two almost grown children it is fun to realize they both feel like I do about being with grandparents as being home.
    I am learning to enjoy audio books and find there are great times to enjoy them – especially in car rides to/from work. I am always interested in who reads the stories and the voices used.

  17. Tammy Francis

    Home is where family is while on earth. Ultimately it will be heaven though.

  18. Brenda Murphree

    As you say apart from heaven, my earthly home is where I live right now. If I am gone for 3 days I’m ready to come home. I have such peace when I come home. It’s not fancy or extravagant but it’s home. I have lived here 31 years.
    By the way I have started liking Audiobooks since last year when I found out how easy it is to read/listen and do other things too. I will always have my paperbacks and ebooks but I’m enjoying a few audiobooks nowadays.

  19. joanarning

    My parents are gone to heaven so my early home is my house where I live alone. I’ve lived here for 33 years and find it peaceful although I’m ready to downsize. Friends tell me my home feels welcoming and peaceful. That is what I want. jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  20. Mandy Bentley

    Home is wherever my husband is. It has been just him and me for almost 18 years. So we have always focused only on each other. I would be completely lost without him.

  21. Amanda T

    When I hear the word Home, I think of my family-my husband and 3 children. Home is wherever they are.


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