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A Name UnknownOh PEOPLE!!! I just finished Roseanna White’s first book in her Shadows over England series – A Name Unknown – and I do believe we ALL need to take a trip to Cornwall. (You can read my review here.)

Besides ‘visiting’ Cornwall through Doc Martin, Ladies in Lavender, and the FABULOUS 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility, I haven’t done much research of the area…you know, except the usual DROOL OVER THE CLIFFS!!!!!!

So…I was delighted to get to visit Cornwall through Roseanna’s newest (to me) novel, because…hello! It’s ENGLAND!!!

So what are some sights we can visit in Cornwall? Well, let’s start with the obvious:

CornwallSt. Michael’s Mount – Shrouded in myth, legend, and truth, this ‘island’ can be reached by a causeway (when the tide is right). A medieval castle, with all its history, a village, and gardens, this place is truly a step back in time. The harbor is thought to have provided docking for Phoenician fisherman from as long ago as 2000 years…did anyone think of Paul in his journeys?

From Jack the Giant Killer to pilgrims during the War of the Roses, this island has been a haven, a source of conflict, and…has even carried the magic of romance within its walls. No wonder Rosemary Gresham from A Name Unknown felt the tug and pull of some a beautiful and magical place…and who’s to say if Peter didn’t make a wish or two while he was near the ancient rock of St. Michael’s, known for its romantic qualities 😉

mount-edgcumbe-house-419653_1920.jpgMount Edgecumbe House and Country Park  – Though Peter Holstein’s house was not considered huge, to get the sense of a country home in Cornwall, you can visit the elegant Mount Edgecumbe House. This 18th century home and gardens offers lovely walking tours and beautiful sites. OR if you want something that fits into the late Victorian era – which could very well be near the time Peter’s family built their home in England – try Lanhydrock House and Gardens 😊 I even noted a cottage that could have been a very nice house for a sassy thief I’ve grown to love.

Honestly, there are houses, ruins, castles, and cathedrals to visit GALORE.

bay-540444_1920.jpgThose Drool Worthy Cliffs – For some scenic views to take your breath away, perhaps you could try some cliffs along the South West Coast Path, a beautiful coastal view along St. Ives Bay, or a walk in King Arthur’s footsteps in Tintagel.

I can tell you for sure that the next trip I take to England, I’m going to make sure my visit includes a drive to Cornwall.

And I hope to add another mental trip to Roseanna White’s colorful historical world very soon! A Song Unheard is the next one…with Willa as the featured heroine.

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  1. Paula Shreckhise

    Looooooove this post. You make me want to go to England all the more! I’m glad I can do it through Roseanna’s books. They are all scrumptious! Carolyn Miller and Kristi Hunter and Carrie Turansky’s settings are great, too! There are more, too. Can you tell this is just about my favorite genre and setting?
    And you, Pepper, are my favorite contemporary author.

  2. roseannawhite

    We visited the Cornish cliffs at Land’s End, and OH MY GOODNESS. Sooooooo gorgeous! I was editing this novel at the time and loved the chance to sit down and tweak all my descriptions of the area to match the breathtaking views I was witnessing! And we did St. Michael’s Mount too–walked the causeway to get there, hiked up to the castle (quite a trek!) and then took a boat back. So cool!


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