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The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall

the-cautious-maidenI’ve been a fan of Dawn Crandall’s books ever since I read her first one, The Hesitant Heiress – by the way, I own the dress on this cover 🙂

Dawn’s writing style is intimate and interesting. As a first person writer, the reader is drawn into the thoughts of one of the main heroines in each book, giving the reader an indepth (though biased) view of the story world. We are watching and experiencing the events happent through each of the four heroines for each book.

Dawn’s pacing is consistent and her details are beautiful woven together within a strong story teaming with grace and delicious romance.

The Cautious Maiden may very well be my favorite of the series so far because of one main reason…. VANCE. I’m a big fan of bad-boys-turned-good. And boy, oh boy, does Dawn write us a fabulous redeemed rogue in this novel. It’s a beautiful pairing of innocent Violet and passionate Vance.

Here is my endorsement for The Cautious Maiden.

“Readers will be captivated by Dawn Crandall’s fourth novel, The Cautious Maiden. Emotions run deep and draw the reader in with flawed characters and gentle nudges of romance that flare into a passionate journey of forgiveness and new beginnings. Violet is an innocent woman with a generous heart. Vance is a reformed rogue with the best intentions. Together, they create an amazing story sure to please the hopeful romantics in all of us.”

The book releases TODAY – October 4th and you can get your copy right here!!

Don’t wait too long to enjoy the amazing journey of romance, forgiveness, and second chances, in this delightful installment of Dawn’s Everstone Chronicles series.

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