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Surprised and Humbled by First Responses to The Thorn Bearer

book2I’m new to having my book ‘out there’ for people to read. Since beginning this writing journey toward publication (about 11 years ago), my stories have stayed within a select and somewhat limited audience of friends, family, and close fellow writers, but now with the upcoming release of my first publication, I finding a new side to the writing world.

A big, scary, amazing, daunting, and rewarding side too. Where I finally see how the words God stirred in my heart to place on a page can touch the hearts of others.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m ever grateful and extremely humbled by the initial reactions.

Yes, I’m sure there are going to be readers that do not like it or it didn’t match their expectations. We all have preferences, so that makes sense to me – but for right now, I’m going to enjoy this initial wave of surprise and delight!

Monday started with a beautiful endorsement from Rel Mollet of

Tuesday, I received my first full review from Charity Andrews at

and Wednesday, I ordered my very first book….bookmarks!!

I write because God’s created a love for story in my heart. To see how this love can be a blessing to others is overwhelming, amazing, and fills my heart to the full with gratitude.

Remind me of this post later…when I’ve received my first 1-star review or when I’m on deadline and feel the weight of ‘failure’ creeping in like a shadow, but right now, I’ll revel in thanksgiving for this opportunity to take the inspiration of God’s gift to touch and inspire others.

2 thoughts on “Surprised and Humbled by First Responses to The Thorn Bearer”

  1. I knew the moment I met you, Pepper, that you were an amazing woman. The more I know about you the more I know God put you on this earth to touch others. Glad, He, put me in your path.


    1. Oh Neina! What a SWEET, SWEET!! thing to say! Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much I miss being among my friends at ETSU! I appreciate you!


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