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Vacation and GREAT timing

I’m sure many of you understand the thrill of a BREAK! Oh yes, the lovely thought that sleeping in late is okay, that your schedule can feel more relaxed.

Change of scenery.

Ahhh…. my whole body relaxes.

This time it has been particularly cool so far. We started it with a parents’ retreat 🙂

Dwight and I went to the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference on Sunday and came back yesterday. REtreat for Dwight = getting to hang out by himself, sleep, and read. Totally fit the needs he had for ‘relaxing’.  Retreat for me = hanging out with other writers and chatting about imaginary friends. 🙂 Perfect.

I gleaned encouragement, inspiration, and much needed ‘like-mindedness’ among other CHRISTIAN authors. Words are sometimes useless in expressing my joy and gratitude for such an opportunity.

God brought amazing people into my life like Beth Vogt! And I had the opportunity to celebrate with Lisa Carter over her 3 book contract. Ramona Richards surprised me with an amazing gift – Krista Phillips DEBUT novel!!! Then there was amazing introductions with fabulous author Susan May Warren, who is just a wonderful person and wears great shoes 🙂

I got to hug Alley Pals like Melissa Tagg – so sweet and felt a kinship with beautiful Marney McNall – wow, what a lovely person!

There were so many fantastic opportunities and divine appointments 🙂

And now….

We’re headed on vacation with the family (my parents included). Lake Lure! Looking forward to some more opportunities to relaxand create.

Thank you, God!!!

7 thoughts on “Vacation and GREAT timing”

  1. Ooohh…lots of relaxing! Well deserved!

    Love the pic of you with Krista’s book…so exciting. I CAN”T wait to read it!!


  2. That is just so awesome you could go AND take your hubby with you. Glad you’re having an awesome vacation. 🙂


  3. Pepper, you are so sweet! I’m so glad we met at the conference. I, too, felt a kinship with you and was bummed you had to leave early. BUT, I knew you were taking some deserved R&R with family. Hope you all are having a wonderful time.


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