Wedding Belles by Janice Hanna Thompson

by | May 19, 2012 | Fiction Book Reviews | 1 comment

I’m a big fan of Janice Hanna Thompson’s contemporary romance novels (Like WEddings by Bella), so when I had the chance to read her new historical novel, Wedding Belles, I gladly took it. Chock full with Janice’s wonderful humor, sweet-hearted romance, and likeable array of characters, Wedding Belles brings a full cast 🙂

Janice set the ‘stage’ in the beautiful communit of Estes Park, Colorado and introduces the reader immediately to the tender friendship of Lottie and Gil.
Now I’m usually a bigger fan of heroes than heroines in novels, but I must say that Janice’s heroine, tomboy Lottie Sanders, is delightful. Spunky, kind-hearted, and a bit too boyish to be noticed by her best friend, Gilbert, she warms your heart with her selflessness and innocense. In fact, she’s so selfless, she agrees to create a melodrama to draw money to help Gil’s family’s lodge and draw women into the little town of Estes Park for the poor men who are pining away for wives.

But when the transformation of the stage brings about a transformation in Lottie, Gil isn’t too slow to take notice – and boy, does he like the change. With a former sweetheart returned to town and a new interest ‘making eyes’ at him, will Gilbert make the decision to be with his ‘beautiful friend’? And will the lodge and the town recover from

From the crazy men to the bossy women, it’s a match made on the stage and in the hearts.  It’s a funny and sweet combination, and an adventure you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Susan Mason

    Sounds like a great read! Thanks, Pepper!


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