Writing in the Flurry

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews | 5 comments

I have a tendency to get more done when I have less time. Anyone else like that? When forced to produce something, then I am more efficient. Deadlines work for me – challenges work even better.

That’s why I’ve unofficially been doing NaNoWriMo. 50k words in a month is a bit steep for me (as a full-time working mother of five), but pushing myself to achieve as close to 50K as I can, has really pushed me to WRITE

and write often

(without neglecting my other responsibilities)

It’s forced me to ‘find’ time.

I am at about 20K – and a bit shocked by it. PROUD and shocked.

What about you? What’s your writing style? What meets your writing needs? Do challenges work for you?


  1. Julia

    Pepper, Good for you…You’re doing great.

    Cheering from upstate NY!!!

  2. Sarah Forgrave

    Good for you, Pepper! That’s AWESOME! I tend to work better with a deadline too, which is probably why I’m moving so slowly in my non-deadline world right now. LOL

  3. Susan Mason

    That’s great, Pepper! Especially with your busy life! I’m so excited that I hit the 40,000 mark today! Wow. Who knew I could write so fast. Course it needs a LOT of revising. But that’s okay, too!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. pepperbasham

    Oh wow, Susan – CONGRATS!!!! 40K is AWESOME!

  5. pepperbasham

    Thanks Alley Cats Julia and Sarah!
    You guys are wonderful!


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