Ambience and Inspiration

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews | 5 comments

There are three places I LOVE to visit to encourage inspiration in my writing.

The very scent of the places draw me in.

1. A bookstore, especially the ones with coffee shops. Bookstores, like Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble are great. They have a certain air about them, the scent of paper, the tens of rows to disappear, the maze-like wonder of getting lost in fiction is fabulous. But even better are those little nook bookshops. The used bookstores where rhyme and reason may require thinking outside the box.

Oooo, I love to visit those because then you can dig through old a new books a like in search of a treasure.

2. The second place I love ot go for inspiration is The Coffee Company – a little coffee shop on the quaint downtown street here. The scents of hot coffee mingled with the fabulous homemade patries, is enought o undo anyone.

It houses trickets for sale on its shelves. Offers seats that leave you a view of downtown or tables in the back for privacy. Truly, the best aesthetic inspration of this place is the smell, but the personalities who travel in and out; the servers; are all beautiful opportunites for stories to develop.

3. My third place is the mountains. If I can sit with a view like this out in nature – oh man, inspiration starts flowing.

Do you have a place or places in which you find inspriation?


  1. Ellen Andersen (@evandersen)

    I typically write from my bedroom which looks out to our back yard. There’s a forest that I love to look, especially now with many of the trees turning a variety of colors. The view of these against the background of pines provides a great view and inspiration to write, as long as I can shift my attention from the view back to my work.

    • pepperbasham

      Oooo Ellen,
      I love the way your view sounds. Definitely inspirational. Nature certainly does that for me too

  2. Marsha Hubler

    About once a week, two other writer friends and I take our laptops to coffee shops or cafes with WiFi for a few hours. We inspire each other to write, talk about writing, and write some more. It’s something I look forward to. There’s nothing like being with other Odd Ducks, no matter where it is.

    • Pepper

      I think a view from your backyard would be inspiring too. Wow, I just saw a pic on your blog and it’s FABULOUS!

  3. Alisa LaGroue (@AlisaLaGroue)

    I don’t really have a special spot where I can draw inspiration except perhaps while I’m in the shower. It seems silly, but for some reason the sound and feel of water seems to make my thoughts flow. Other than that, sometimes I find that I write better when I’m listening to music (usually classical).


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