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Just a quick stop in to share some pictures from ACFW. You can see some more over at The Writers Alley.

It’s been a fun time so far. I’m not expecting crazy stuff to happen (unless I’m spending time with the Seekers), so the HIGHLIIGHT of my trip has been getting to meet some of the Alley Cats – and especially rooming with Casey Herringshaw and Mary Vee. Our other roommate is Carol Moncado, my long lost twin. It’s been a blast.

(this pic is of me, Angie Dicken (Alley Cat), and Mary Vee (Alley Cat).

This next photo is just how crazy things are with Casey Herringshaw. Seriously! Look at that face. 😉

 Big stuff is going to happen for the gal to my left. Ashley Clark was a fantastic buddy to make – perky, fun, and totally nailed her pitch to a certain agent that I saw. WTG, Ashley.

There’s more to come, once I upload the pictures from this morning. But I hope you enjoy this sneak peek 🙂



  1. Angi Griffis

    I’m enjoying the ACFW pics. Love the pics of you and Mary and the one of Casey and Laura (from The Writer’s Alley). Thanks for sharing. It looks like you’re having so much fun. Have a blessed day tomorrow. 🙂

  2. MaryC

    Looks like fun, Pepper. Wish I were there with you!

  3. Ashley Clark

    Love these, Pepper! It was such a joy meeting you, and I’m glad we could share that very surprising joy together! 🙂

  4. Casey

    LOL! I ought to smack you for putting that pic of me up. Sheesh. Some things I’m just never going to live down, am I?

    • pepperbasham

      Do you expect middle-aged people like me to remember simple things like which pictures I’m not supposed post??? (eye roll)


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