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Writing to the Tune of Seuss

I do so love to write you see

I do so love it, yes siree.

I love it just before the sun

I love it if the rain has come

I love it in the afternoon

I love it by the silver moon

I love my writing here and there

I am a writer everywhere.

I do so love to write you see

So Sandman, stay away from me

I love to write about romance

To make my plot and characters dance

I love to bring adventure in

Where bad guys lose and good guys win

I love some witty dialogue

Where heroes keep the story strong

I love a fiesty heroine

With mental trips to Great Britain

I love to watch the journey start

And end where two become one heart.

I do so love to write you see,

How can I fit it in neatly?

I cannot write if work demands

And makes me keep to scheduled plans

I want to play with kids of mine

so wait to write another time

The dirty dishes pile so high

Mount Washmore rockets to the sky

But writing calls and so does sleep

My words and stories have to keep

I do so love to write, always

Where will I find the time and days?

I’ll take my moments where I can

Though many times they come unplanned

Like  stoplights or the carline wait

In morning, afternoon, or late

I’d gladly write within a box

or with a goat or with a fox

And if the boat involved a cruise

I’d go along, I’d not refuse

I’ve written in a car and train

and story daydreamed in the rain

I snatch my moments here and there

I sneak in writing anywhere

I do so love to write it’s true

So when does writing come for you?

20 thoughts on “Writing to the Tune of Seuss”

    1. Oh Vonda,
      If it has good, wholesome, humor in it, I thought you might. Every time I hear you speak at BRMCWC or online, I LOL 🙂


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