Lorna Seilstad hits the book OUT OF THE PARK

by | Jun 3, 2011 | Christian authors, Fiction Book Reviews | 1 comment

Oh my goodness, I haven’t laughed outloud when reading a book in a long time. Not this hard. And not since my last Mary Connealy classic.

Lorna Seilstad’s newest novel, A Great Catch- Book 2 in the Lake Manawa Summer Series, is a GREAT find for any reader looking for a lighthearted, inspirational, and fun story. I felt like Lorna might have intereview me for the hero, though – since her…er…gracefulness stays somewhat in question.

But my oh my, Lorna can definitely write a hero. I want someone like Carter Stockton to stop on by this way. I’ll save him for my daughter. Lorna portrays the gentleness, humor, and depth of emotional connection that every woman wants to experience with the man they love. Carter fits the bill, and can play some pretty mean baseball. He’s the pitcher of the Manawa Owls baseball team.

Unfortunately, Emily is one stubborn heroine. She’s determined that NO man will make her swallow her dreams for the equal rights of women. Will her pride cause her to strike out of a future with the perfect man, or will his charm and compassion send the ball right down the plate to her heart.

Don’t get to the final inning without reading this novel. Along with Emily and Carter’s relationship, we have two hilarious aunts, and a beautifully wise grandmother to mix things up. Lorna even adds some suspense. Oh – and don’t for get the little shallow and troublesome, Olivia. Keep your eyes out for her. She’s up to much more than stealing bases.

The only problem was – I wanted to strangle Emily more times than I can count. Stubborn girl. Whew…but at least Carter seems to know what serious game he’s getting himself into.

Thanks Lorna for the wonderful trip to the early 20th century. Could you PLEASE teach me how to write a hero like Carter?

I’m listening.


Available May 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker
Publishing Group

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  1. Casey

    Save him for your daughter, nothing! Save him for me. 😉


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