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Mary Connealy’s in DEEP TROUBLE

Seriously – I think Mary is always in deep trouble. Or at least her characters are 🙂

Well, if you’re a fan of Deep Trouble, then I have a book for you.

Mary Connealy’s newest adventure takes the reader deep into the heart of the Grand Canyon-  back when the west was young, men were cowboys, and women didn’t midn being rescued…mostly.

Shannon Dysart is trying to redeem her father’s name. Even if her father’s is dead, she’s determined to discover the city of gold he’d spent his life searching for. But her big city ways and naïve decision to hire a group of greedy stragglers leaves her wounded and trapped inside a cave to starve to death (Not to mention stalked by those same murderous stragglers who want to become rich from this ‘city of gold’.)

Along comes Gabe Lasley – a wanderer and resident -woman-roper (Read to find that one out). Gabe runs from heartbreak right into Shannon, and does what any self-respecting cowboy should do. He rescues her, and then regrets it. Unable to leave this intriguing and infuriating city-girl alone, Gabe finds his heart falling off the edge of reason and right into a whirlwind adventure.

With 5 sinister outlaws, a city of gold, and a canyon as beautiful and dangerous as love itself, Shannon and Gabe embark on a journey for true treasure. (and let me give you a hint – where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is too)

 Will Shannon discover that the best treasure can’t be wrapped in a thousand year old city, or will the pride of success and greed for acceptance destroy her life?

Deep Trouble follows along the same fast-paced adventure as Mary’s typical Connealy Classics. Add a dose of Indian Jones meets Dances With
Wolves, and you have an amazing story of cliffhangers (literally), treasure, and true love. Of course there’s humor too.

Make sure you take the time to discover this gem of a tale. It’s one of my Connealy Classic Keepers!

9 thoughts on “Mary Connealy’s in DEEP TROUBLE”

  1. I just got word from Amazon that my copy (actually it’s for my daughter but I’ll read it too) is on its way. We will both enjoy it, I’m sure.


  2. You know, it just hit me that Mary, Audra and I all had books with heros named Gabe with just a few months of each other. 🙂 We obviously didn’t critique together!! 😉

    Great review, Pepper! I’m excited to have the book sitting beside me right now. 🙂


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