Reunited Hearts – A Home Run for the Heart

by | May 1, 2011 | Fiction Book Reviews, inspirational fiction | 9 comments

Surprises are in store for Military hero Trent Michaels when he returns home to Jamison, New York.  Sure, the town’s grown a bit. New buildings, new people, new stories along the streets of the quaint little town – but one surprise arrives he never expected.

His son.

Twelve years after his high school sweetheart refused to marry him, and disappeared, Trent meets the son he never knew he had. Can he work through his own feelings of betrayal and anger to find the reason why Alyssa Langley broke his heart twice? Was his orphaned upbringing the real reason she left him, or was there something much deeper behind her disappearance?

Is the love and attraction that held them together when they
were young strong enough to bind them through their greatest fears?

My thoughts:

Well, Ruth Logan Herne has done it again – crafted a beautiful
story about two hearts who journey home. Alyssa’s carrying a burden of guilt
that threatens to suffocate the hope she begins to feel in Trent’s presence.

It’s a beautiful story of hope, healing, and reuniting that
can only happen when forgiveness gets involved.
A definite read!

And the cameo appearance by a really cute pregnant preacher’s
wife made me feel right at home 😉


  1. Julia

    I can’t believe this one’s out already! I definitely have to read this one since it takes place in upstate NY.

    Hope you and your family are doing well. Praying.

  2. pepperbasham

    Thanks, Julia. You are so sweet!!!
    This book is definitely worth your time. Another great thing is that it’s easy on the wallet too 🙂
    Great stories for fabulous prices! Who can beat that?

  3. Susan Mason

    I think this was my favorite of Ruthy’s so far! Loved Trent!!

    • Pepper

      Oh yeah, Trent was pretty wonderful.
      Although, I really liked Waiting out the Storm too

  4. Ruthy

    Hey, girls! I’m late to the party BUT….

    There’s a seven pound nine ounce reason named Anna Elizabeth that’s taken my attention today, LOL!

    Mother and baby are doing fine and this only means my beautiful daughter-in-love Karen beat Libby-the-Poodle.

    Libby’s litter is due any time. So was Anna.

    Anna won!

    Pepper, don’t you just love this book? I LOVE SECOND CHANCES… NEW BEGINNING…. FIXING OLD WRONGS! Julia, waving at you! The sweet cafe in Angelica NY is having a meet and greet breakfast this Saturday. They’re carrying the books (I used Angelica as a model for “Jamison, NY”) and having me come down to chat with folks.

    Like that’s a hardship, LOL! More like getting me to be quiet is the trick!

    Susan, I’m glad you liked this one! It’s a little different than the North Country series (purposely) but I wanted Trent’s warmth and dedication to shine through. I think it did!

    Well… The fact that he’s a hottie does not hurt!!!

    • Pepper

      CONGRATS, Ruthy
      And Karen
      And tell Libby that second place in this kind of contest is just as beautiful as first.

  5. Ruthy

    Oh, I just saw the “Home run for the heart!!!!”

    LOVE IT, PEPSTER!!!! 😉

    • Pepper

      I thought you and your Jeter fettish would like that 😉

  6. Mary Connealy

    Loved this book, Ruthy.
    Thanks for having me on, too, Pepper. 🙂


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