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Under the Weather

I’ve always wondered why people say their ‘under the weather’ when they aren’t feeling well –

Whatever the case may be, I’ve been pretty far under that weather for the past week, so I’ve neglected the blog. If all goes well (meaning my mental clarity returns, my fever reduces, my cough doesn’t result in expelling a lung, and my head doesn’t explode), I should be able to get back to blogging next week.

So instead of my words being seasoned with salt today, they are seasoned with things no one wants to catch. 🙂

In the meantime, stop by The Writers Alley for some great info on writing.



5 thoughts on “Under the Weather”

  1. Awwh Pep…

    the allergies are awful around here, especially last week, but I’m not sick. So that’s a plus. 🙂
    Clear-headed enough now to (perhaps) have a prayer that is coherent. Will send one now!



  2. Thanks, KC
    You’re always so sweet.
    And thankfully, God takes our prayer-intentions and makes them worthwhile. Which has been a really good thing for me to remember the past few days of delirium 😉


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