God's grace

The After-Christmas blues?

I stare out my dining room window this morning, watching as snowflakes dance and twirl to the frosted ground. Just me, a tall glass of chocolate milk, my computer, a darkened dining room, and the light from the framed winter wonderland.

 It’s the day after Christmas. My children are still sleeping, my husband is off to give the final touches to his sermon, and I’m listening to Christmas music. Thinking. Wondering.

Many people find December 26 a very somber day. Did they get their heart’s desire for Christmas? Who never came  home for Christmas? Who was missing around the Christmas tree? Amidst the bright lights and snowfall, how many tears went unnoticed?

I have hope for you. For me.


God with us.

The greatest gift, the one you can never out-use, out-grow, overextend, break, never runs out of batteries, never needs new parts, doesn’t go out of style, and only increases in value the longer you possess it.

Even when spots are empty around the Christmas tree, our hearts never have to be empty again.

All because, Jesus came.

He is the reason why the spirit of Christmas can be held all through the year.


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