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Christmas Wishes from my Family to Yours



God came wrapped in the flesh of a human child so that humans can become children of God.

YES, Christmas is all about Family.

May you unwrap the gift of God’s love this Christmas and revel in the Father’s grace.


Dwight, Pepper, Ben, Aaron, Lydia, Samuel, & Phoebe

7 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes from my Family to Yours”

  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!! I love this. I think we are going to play Christmas poker (with candy, instead of money) and drink homemade smoothies tonight. I love being with family.


  2. Oh Sherrinda,
    Me too!! We’re going to have our Advent Scavenger hunt and then read Twas the night Jesus Came – after we go to the Christmas Eve Candelight Communnion Service.
    Tomorrow, my parents are supposed to come AND so is snow!! White Christmas!
    After the chaos of Christmas morning – we’ll probably play Funglish

    I love the idea of Christmas poker. LOL.
    Merry Christmas, my dear friend.
    I hope to grow in friendship with you in the coming year.


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