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ACFW MORE pictures

I know, you might be getting tired of these – but I’m devoting the whole week to pictures. Pictures of people I’ve been wanting to meet for sooooo long. And first off, here’s a picture of a lady who has just been an encouragement to so many aspiring and published authors. She gave me my very first online interview. Woohooo!  Keli Gwyn. She was delightful to meet.

Siri Mitchell to the right. We enjoyed some Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate together. She is wonderful!!! Encouraging and kind. We talked shop. How she writes. How I write. And what’s up next from her brilliant brain. I have two words: Italian Immigrants.

There’s no one else I would rather make a fish-face with than Cara Lynn James, whose debut novel Love On A Dime just came out. It’s a very fun and beautiful story.

I have a brand new friend in author, Patti Lacy. She was hilarious and so much fun!! I LOVED meeting you, Patti.

More to come tomorrow. I could call it Revell Day – with Julie Lessman & Laura Frantz. WOOHOOO!!!!

4 thoughts on “ACFW MORE pictures”

    1. Julie is so much cuter than me. And thinner, and hyper.
      What a blast to meet her.
      Just hear a drumroll in your head for tomorrow 😉
      Love ya, Case.


  1. LOL, from her emails I figured she had to be filled with LIFE and ENERGY! I would say that is what makes her such a great author.

    Forgot to mention amid my pouting that I loved the other pics, don’t stop posting until they are gone! What a thrill to meet Siri. I can’t wait for that Italian book. It is sure to be stellar. She seems like a quiet sweet person, am I right?

    Love ya too, Pep. 🙂


  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! It’s so nice to meet up with people that share your passion, especially when it’s people who you have looked up to or have been an inspiration.


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