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ACFW Awards Banquet Pics #1

Okay, I have to post this picture of Mary “Extraordinary” Connealy with her Carol Award for Historical Romance – book Cowboy Christmas. She’s hilarious!! Truly, one of the top 5 highlights of my trip. Mary, I like you even BETTER after meeting you. This could mean trouble for your inbox 😉

Another pic?

Well, here is another historical comedy writer, Cathy Marie Hake. Like Mary, she’s been a fabulous source of encouragement to me – with a personal story even more amazing than her fictional ones. If you have a chance, pick up Cathy’s book Forevermore. HILARIOUS!!!! My favorite one of hers so far.

And here’s a pic of some of the Seekers from Seekerville. Audra, Janet, Debby, and Cara.

 I’ll post more tomorrow. Like one of the fabulous Julie Lessman!

12 thoughts on “ACFW Awards Banquet Pics #1”

  1. Don’t keep me in suspense any longer! I have been waiting for that Lessman and you pic for… forever!

    I love the one of you and Mary. I think you need to take me shopping. I am very quickly learning that if I make it to the conference, my dresses are not near dressy enough! I need to find a deal like yours!!


    1. Case,
      Actually people were dressed up in every way. Some wore slacks and nice blouses – but….
      I could have SO MUCH FUN shopping without someone as cute as you. Oh dear. I get giddy at the thought


      1. Seriously
        At this name brand consigment shop, I see all kinds of cute clothes for people smaller than me (aka YOU) and I could TOTALLY have fun dolling you up. Oh my. What FUN!!!!

        Let’s make a date


  2. Pepper, that’s the first picture I’ve seen of my holding the plaque. I’m stealing it, girl!
    The picture is also a nice reminder of how young you are and how OLD I am. So, uh…thanks for that, too.

    Loved meeting you, girl. My inbox is available to you any time.


    1. Mary,
      That is my favorite picture of the WHOLE conference. Seriously. We both look fairly spiffy 🙂
      STEAL IT!!!! I’m going to print it out and frame it for inspiration 😉
      Thank you, Mary. THANK YOU!!!!


    1. Sara,
      It was wonderful to meet you. You are super-sweet. And congrats on your runner-up placement. WHAT AN HONOR!!!
      Believe me.
      I sent in 3 ms to the Genesis and not one finaled – so you have a real honor making it to the finalists round.
      Even better – getting those requests. WOOHOOO FOR YOU!!!


  3. Pepper,
    Look how glamorous! You looked gorgeous, and I really enjoyed having dinner with you!

    But did we ever get a photo together?? I don’t think so. Bummer!

    Still, it was so nice to finally meet you. 🙂


    1. Oh NO, Missy.
      we didn’t get a picture together. AHHHHH!
      But we had so many good (short) chats. I LOVED meeting you. LOVED it. My southern sister. It was great.


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