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Sizzling First Encounters with Aspiring Author Sherrinda Ketchersid


Okay – so I love to brag. Lots. Especially about my favorite people – and it just so happens that one of those favorite people is my guest today.

We’re kindred spirits.

In lots of ways.

Both pastor’s wives, both moms of multiple kids, both somewhat smiley, and –low and behold- we both like to write.

 Aspiring to inspire together 🙂

 It’s no wonder that we’ve become critique partners along this journey.

Sherrinda started writing only two years ago and has already garnered an award – Finalist in the Touched By Love contest in May of this year. Now she’s waiting to hear the results, but either way, she’s a winner.

You can learn more about Sherrinda by visiting her terrific blog at

So Sherrinda, what do you think makes a great first encounter?

I think what makes a great first encounter is an instant awareness, maybe even attraction, yet knowing you cannot act on or further the connection with one another. It’s that tension of want-yet-can’t-have. I believe arguing and finding fault in the other as a way of coping with the “want” is another great way to bring the tension to the forefront. I know my characters argue a lot due to suppressed desire for one another (and when I say desire, I don’t necessarily mean what you think I mean).

 And exactly what is it that you think I think you mean? LOL.

Alright, I think you have an excerpt from your novel –  If My Heart Could Speak.

Set up:

Disguised as a boy, Jocelyn fled the convent holding her prisoner and found safe passage home squiring for the knight Malcolm who was on his way there for a tournament. He found out her ruse when she was wounded in a fight, but has agreed to keep her as squire—because he is a chivalrous knight. He does insist she take a bath, because he doesn’t want a scruffy squire shaming him at the tournament. This scene is his first encounter with Jocelyn looking like a woman and not a dirty boy.

“Are you bathed and presentable?”

Malcolm’s deep voice penetrated the silent darkness, sending a pleasant shiver through her. She gathered the cloak about her and found her voice. “Aye.”

She felt vulnerable, but garnered her courage as he came into view carrying a large bundle of wood.

He stopped midstride. His gaze found hers and pierced through her like sunlight spilling through dark clouds. She gripped the cloak tighter as he set the wood down at his feet and came to stand before her.

Jocelyn couldn’t find any coherent thoughts to string together to make speech. Malcolm stood in silence, eyes still on hers, gray on blue. 

Without breaking the stare, he reached out a finger and caught a droplet of water at the tip of one of the curls resting against her cheek. Her heart stuttered to a stop.

“By the saints, how could I have mistaken you for a lad?” he murmured.

His gaze moved over her face and lingered on her lips. Heat bloomed on her cheeks and her breath caught as his face inched toward hers. Faith, was he going to kiss her?

She wrestled with the desire to feel his lips on hers and the complete impropriety of such an action. She should push him away, and yet her eyes closed on their own accord.

She prayed for strength, her lips moving in silent supplication.

The sound of air sucked in over teeth jostled her back to reality. She opened her eyes to see Malcolm shake his head and back away from her. It was with a mixture of regret and relief that she squared her shoulders and smiled up at him.

He merely crossed his arms over his broad chest and lifted the corner of his mouth. “You clean up fairly well, for a girl on the run. ‘Tis possible you won’t shame me, little man.”

Woohoo! Sherrinda, that was beautiful. Oh my, what’s going to happen with the two of them? Sigh. I wanted to yell “Kiss de girl.” 😉

Thanks for showcasing your talent today. I’m so tickled to have two (possibly three) more aspiring authors willing to share their first encounters for next week. Prepare to see their work on Monday, Wednesday (and hopefully Friday).

Tomorrow, I hope to post my review of Mary Connealy’s newest novel, Doctor in Petticoats. Stop by to learn about it.

22 thoughts on “Sizzling First Encounters with Aspiring Author Sherrinda Ketchersid”

  1. Oh my goodness, Sherrinda! My eye lids closed and anticipated his kiss as much as Jocelyn!

    Enticing scene making it so easy to see how you finalled in Touched By Love!


    1. Audra!!! You can’t know how good it made me feel to hear your reaction! I love it when a book can make me close my eyes and sigh, so to be able to produce that for someone else…well, I am thrilled!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. SHERRINDA!!! Girl, I knew Pepper could write because I’ve read her work, but I had NO idea that you could too!! WOW!! That was awesome, truly, and if the rest of the book is as good as that scene, you have a fabulous chance at winning that award, my friend. I’m EXCITED for you!!!



    1. Audra & Jules,
      Didn’t she have a GREAT scene. Oh, love it. And her whole premise is beautiful. Go Sherrinda.
      In your honor, I’m bringing some yummy breakfast souffle and strawberries with whipped cream.
      GOOOOD Mornin’


      1. Oh Pepper! Thanks for urging me on to share a scene. It is terrifying…ESPECIALLY WHEN AUDRA AND JULIE ARE READING IT!!!! Oh my goodness!

        You are always so incredibly encouraging, Pepper, and I too feel we are kindred spirits. I thank God that He brought us together!


    2. Julie!!!! Thank you sooo much! But have to be honest and say that the rest of the story is NOT as good as that! lol It’s my first book, so it reeks with passitivity and pretty -ly adverbs. With Pepper’s help it is strengthening up, so one day maybe it will pass muster. (whatever passing muster is…)


    1. lol…Mia…please don’t cry! There is a back and forth scenes like this because of plot twists and hurdles they must overcome! I love all the tension!!!


      1. Oh yeah, you have a voice and I hear it loud and clear. No one but you could have written that and don’t worry I still don’t know if I have a voice. It gets lost sometimes I think. I really did like the excerpt. 🙂


  3. Excellent writing, Sherrinda! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! *She pounds her diet Cherry Coke on desk, a determined crease on her forehead*

    I craved for him to kiss her, but I know it’s too soon–she has to become a girl once again, right?

    Love it!


    1. Oh Jeanette! I hope you didn’t spill that diet Cherry Coke whilst pounding it on your desk! lol You are funny, girl! And yes, you are right…she must become a boy once again and be his squire. There is a mystery going on at her home (the castle where the tournament is being held) and she must remain in disguise to solve the mystery and determine her future. So much drama…so much tension…I absolutely love this story. 🙂


    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by for a look at my bravery! 😉 I must say it was more of a giving in to Pepper’s urging me, rather than bravery on my part. She is insistent, but in a good way. She pushes me and I like that!


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