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Well, it’s time to step back into the West – but where author Tammy Barley is concerned we have loads of adventure and suspense mingled in with that romance. I’m pleased to have her be my guest today.

Tammy’s debut novel, Love’s Rescue, was recently #11 in Historical Bestsellers at The sequel, Hope’s Promise, will be in stores this August.

To learn more about Tammy and her books at

1. What is one element of great romantic tension?
For me, it’s sizzling attraction vs. a powerful personal grudge!

> 2. Would you please provide an excerpt of one of your most dazzling first encounters between hero & heroine?

This isn’t the first time Jessica Hale meets Jake Bennett, but is it the first time she is fully aware of her attraction to him, in The Sierra Chronicles book one, Love’s Rescue:

     Jess moved to his open doorway, catching pleasant scents of leather from within the room. From wall pegs hung long trousers, a few sturdy vests and an old set of spurs. On the floor beneath them lay strips of cowhide partially braided into a whip-thin rope. Helplessly drawn by the belongings that were so masculine, so Bennett, Jess moved into the room. She trailed her fingers over the Indian blanket that overlay the large bed and added warm colors to the room. Beside it stood a tall chest of drawers topped with a lamp. On the peg wall was a washstand, a furnishing which her room lacked.

     Jess paused beside it to gaze out the window. Less than a mile to the south rose the pine-dotted slopes of the Sierra Nevadas.Stabs of guilt pricking her for intruding on his space, and disgusted with herself that she’d cared, she spun about, and froze.

     Bennett stood in the doorway quietly watching her. Her heart leapt at the steady, whiskey-brown eyes gazing into hers. She recalled the pleasant ride they shared into the mountains, and the way he held her against him that last night in Carson. Though he looked tired, his face was handsome with two days’ whiskers roughing his jaw. He wore another flannel shirt, dark red this time, the same as the bandana around his neck. His sturdy frame practically filled the doorway, made more impressive still by a new sheepskin coat.

     Then Jess glimpsed the log wall beside him, and swiftly took inventory of where she was and what had happened during her last night in Carson City, everything she had lost. Jess squared her chin. She refused to allow this man she had begun to care for to step any further into her life.

     “Hello, Jess.”

     The timbre of his voice sent her into near-panic. By an effort of will, her heartbeat shifted to one of discontent. Moving toward him, she ignored the way he’d removed his hat, and instead focused on images of when she had seen him last—in front of her burning home.

     Rage blazed inside her, and she shoved past him. “Stay away from me!” She ran from the room and flew down the stairs.

Their story continues in The Sierra Chronicles book two, Hope’s Promise, available August 2010!

Oh wow, Tammy, what a great scene. This book is such a beautiful story, so everyone make sure you try to find a copy and get ready for her new book in August.

Thanks for being here today, Tammy.

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  1. Julie Lessman

    Good morning Tammy and Pepper, great blog today!!

    Tammy, LOVE your response to Pepper’s question as to one element of great romantic tension, “sizzling attraction vs. a powerful personal grudge.” And, girl, you certainly have that in spades in Love’s Rescue — both in the scene above and in the book!! Cannot WAIT to see what happens in Hope’s Promise.

    And SUPER CONGRATS for hitting the CBA Bestseller list … that is HUGE!!!


  2. Tammy Barley

    Happy Monday, Julie! It’s wonderful to see you, sweetie!

    Thank you for your kind comment! Your books have that in spades too–GREAT sizzle! =)

    Pepper–What a fabulous blog series! Thank you for having me here!


    • Pepper

      Truly my pleasure, Tammy. It’s been loads of fun.

  3. Sherrinda

    Oooo, I love sizzle. 😉 Your book is in my little pile to read this summer! I can’t wait!!!! I will have to hurry and read it before your next one comes out!

  4. Tammy Barley

    You will have to hurry. Book two, Hope’s Promise, is already available from a few stores. ;o)


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