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BRMCWC with Steven James – Organic Writing

As you guys probably know, I’m attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference this week. It’s been really nice with lots of fun – and poignant experiences.

Today, I went to Steven James’ lecture on Storytelling for Speakers. Since I got there a bit early, Steven answered a few questions before the class began. One question was about his writing style, ie- do you plot? just write? what do you do?

His answer made me like him even more.

He said, “I’m an organic writer.”

Organic Writer?

The first thing that popped to mind was a farmer with a notebook in one hand and a milk pail in the other 🙂

What Steven meant was he just writes and allows the story to evolve. Another quote from this chat was, “I think that if YOU’RE never surprised as you write your book, then you’re readers won’t be suprised when they read it either.”

I love that, because I write the same way.

I released a large sigh of relief, because I’d heard a lot about indepth plotting. (Nothing wrong with that, btw- but it’s just another style of writing). Steven’s description reminded me that ‘my way’ was okay as long as it resulted in the same thing in the end. A well-written manuscript.

I have so many ideas to share that i”ve learned from various presenters so far…and those posts will come sooner or later, but in the middle of this conference, I just wanted to share a little nugget. For those of you who grow along with your story, or ORGANIC writing – a nationally known, award winning author is write….um….right there with you (and me).

We writers all have different writing styles and choices, but in the end we agree on two crucial elements:

1. We want to write for the glory of God.

2. We are a very unique bunch of people.

To find out more about Steven James, check out his website at

4 thoughts on “BRMCWC with Steven James – Organic Writing”

  1. LOVE THAT!! I would have thought the same thing when he said “organic” LOL! So glad you are learning tons, that is always so much fun. 🙂 Sounds like he would be a great speaker to hear. You will have to tell us all about it. I am looking forward to it. 🙂


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